كيا سول AMAZING COLOR !! KIA SOUL 2016 Model GCC Specs - درهم 35,000 (درهم 42,000) درهم 503 شهرياً

  • كيا سول AMAZING COLOR !! KIA SOUL 2016 Model GCC Specs
بيعت اليوم
الصنع: كيا
الموديل: سول AMAZING COLOR !! KIA SOUL 2016 Model GCC Specs
السنة: 2016
العجلات: 16´
اللون: أخضر
نوع السيارة: دفع رباعي/عائلية
كيلومترات: 113,000
حالة التصدير: قابلة للتصدير
مواصفات: خليجي
ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيكي
وقود: بترول
الكراسي: 5
سلندرات: 4
الداخل: أسود
درهم 503 شهرياً
اشتري مقابل درهم 35,000 درهم 42,000 درهم 35,000
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KIA SOUL 2015 Model GCC Specs
Cash: AED 35,000
Credit Card Payment Accepted
Bank Finance:
*5 Years
AED 685 per month at 0% down payment through bank finance for 5yrs
AED 665 per month with 20% down payment of 7600 AED 7000 through bank finance for 5yrs
*3 Years
AED 1074 per month with 0% down payment through bank finance for 3yrs
AED 1053 per month with 20% down payment of
AED 7000 through bank finance for 3yrs
*Note : The average calculation of the bank interest is 3.5%. It may be less or more than our calculation depends on which bank we can put the car loan.
*We value our Customers ! Our Team will assist you all the way through the Bank process until the RTA Registration assistance
* In regards to the Federal Decree Law No: (8) of 2017, Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in the price stated in this document
. We have an Excellent Deal on our Kia Soul 2015 Model in Beautiful White Color! Perfect inside and out with 113,000KM only!! Almost Like Brand NEW!! Accident free in Excellent Running condition! So what are you waiting for? come check our cars now and drive your dream car today!
Color: Green
Interior: Black
Odometer: 113,000km
Warranty : Yes
Specification: GCC Specs
Transmission : Automatic
- 4 Cylinders
- panorama roof
- Cruise Control
- Bluetooth
- Rear Camera
- Parking sensors
- Power windows
- Trip tonic gears
- FM Radio/ CD / AUX in / USB
- Alloy Rims And more
Accident Free in Excellent Condition Under Warranty!
For more details please call or send WhatsApp on
TRIX ( )
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The Most Innovative, Reliable and Convenient Service from Honey Jidosha USED Cars Motors that allows you to inspect your Future car in your doorsteps to save your Time and Money.
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3- The Car will be delivered at your doorstep at your convenient timing the following Business Day.
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أختر سياراتك من صفحتنا علي الأنترنت.
أتصل بمسؤول المبيعات لدينا للقيام بالترتيبات اللازمه.
ستصلك السياره في اليوم التالي الي باب منزلك في الوقت المناسب لك.
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