أودي RS3 2018 Audi RS3 Saloon / Full-Service History & 1 Year Warranty - $42,972 درهم 159,000 درهم 2,285 شهرياً

  • أودي RS3 2018 Audi RS3 Saloon / Full-Service History & 1 Year Warranty
بيعت اليوم
الصنع: أودي
الموديل: RS3 2018 Audi RS3 Saloon / Full-Service History & 1 Year Warranty
السنة: 2018
العجلات: 19´
اللون: أزرق
نوع السيارة: صالون
كيلومترات: 92,000
حالة التصدير: قابلة للتصدير
مواصفات: خليجي
ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيكي
وقود: بترول
الكراسي: 4
سلندرات: 5
الداخل: أسود
درهم 2,285 شهرياً
اشتري مقابل درهم 159,000 $42,972 درهم 159,000 نبهني عند انخفاض السعر
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2018 Audi RS3 Saloon / Full-Service History & 1 Year Warranty
Cash: AED 159,000
Finance: 3,235 / month | 0% Down Payment
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Spec: GCC / Al Nabooda Audi Dubai
Service History: Full-Service History
Warranty: 1 Year’s Motors Prime Warranty
Newly designed we present you with the latest generation of the Audi RS3 Saloon. Wonderful condition coming in the stunning colour choice of Ara Crystal Metallic blue. The extra power extracted from the 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine makes even the likes of the latest generation Porsche Cayman GTS running in fear to the RS3 purely on under-bonnet potency!
The same Quattro four-wheel-drive system is fitted. Additionally, the engine is 26kg lighter. 0-100kms stats is the serious part of the market, 4.1 seconds to be precise on this model – 0.2seconds quicker than the old RS3. Sweeping corners, it grips like you would not believe. And you will be taking corners quickly, the pace from its engine is just bombastic, right from 2,500rpm to its 7,000rpm redline. Predictably, with five cylinders, it sounds excellent. But it sweeps so quickly throughout its rev range.
Drive the RS3 in the wet or on a low-grip surface and it exhibits a mischievous side we have not yet seen in an RS3. It also feels right with a paddle shift transmission as standard. The shifts are super quick up and down the gearbox, though there’s little aural drama on downshifts.
Inside, it is as glorious as any Audi RS models. The seats are plush and finely stitched, there’s Alcantara in the correct places & Audi’s Virtual Cockpit gives you a nice central rev counter, which lights up in a way that mimics race car shift lights as you howl towards the redline. The RS3 ticks all the usual boxes for a high-spec saloon!

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