Terms & Conditions!

Shipping: We use experts in their field, certified and licenced by shipping institutions worldwide. Dubicars is not responsible for the insurance, transportation, shipping or delivery of the vehicle(s). Dubicars only operates as an intermediary administration/management service connecting buyers with sellers and the shipping administrators. Please see the types of transport for what mode of shipping suits you best. Containers shipping can be faster and safer but is more expensive. Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) shipping is cheaper but can take longer and exposes the vehicle(s) to the possibility of slight damage due to being driven on and off the ship.

Inspections: Our partners are responsible for the inspections on the vehicle you wish to purchase. They are highly experienced, respected and government-regulated. The inspection is dependent on the owner’s permission to inspect the car. After the inspection report is delivered to you, neither Dubicars nor Rafid are responsible for the condition of the vehicle(s). Rafid can only inspect as delivered to their test centre. Post-inspection the car is the responsibility of the owner. If you decide to ship the car you have the option of taking extra insurance. Dubicars is not responsible for the quality of the car nor the transportation between the owner and the test centre, the inspection or inspection accuracy.