Noble M600 officially available in the GCC

Pretty sure there are a few questions on everyone’s mind, who and what is Noble? Noble is a small automotive company from the United Kingdom who build sport cars in very limited numbers. They have been creating some spectacular cars

Brabus Rocket 900. One serious luxury sedan!

Three days of motoring madness has already passed since the Dubai International Motor Show started, with lots more to come over the next couple of weeks. With tons of unveilings, new concepts and tuned machines on show. There is one car

Do you really want to stand out? Buy this!

Dubai International Motor Show is full of first’s including a car manufacturers journey to the Middle East. This is a rather rare and unusual visit from one of America’s sport cars producers, Panoz. Founded in 1989 it’s relatively unknown except for

Nissan Patrol Desert Edition Unveiled

Dubai International Motor Show has finally kicked off with the Media day, car manufacturers from around the world have flocked to show off their latest additions of Sport Cars, SUVs, Sedan’s, Hatchbacks and Crossovers. We’ve got loads of information to share

Mercedes GL/GLS updated for 2017

Starting price:  365,000 AED* Engine volume:  3.0, 4.7 or 5.5 Litre Cylinders:  6 or 8 Cylinders Torque:  500 to 759 Nm Horsepower:  329 to 577 Hp 0 to 100 km/h:  Less than 5 seconds Maximum speed:  250+ km/h Mercedes-Benz have decided to

Ford Mustang King Limited Edition

Starting price:  Approx. 251,211 AED ($68,395) Engine volume:  5.0 Litre Cylinders:  8 Cylinders Torque:  Unknown Horsepower:  670 to 727 Hp 0 to 100 km/h:  Less than 3.5 Seconds Maximum speed:  250+ km/h The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one seriously powerful