Al Ghandi Auto launches Stay At Home service

Peugeot UAE is not the only one offering stay at home services for car owners.

Al Ghandi Auto, the official distributor of Cadillac vehicles in the UAE and GMC and Chevrolet for Dubai and the Northern Emirates, has launched their own Stay At Home service in an effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus and reduce social interaction to protect customers and employees.

The announcement comes in line with the nationwide call from UAE Authorities urging residents to stay home.

Al Ghandi aims to guarantee their customers continue to have a well-maintained vehicle despite the restrictions and ensure that in case of an emergency, the customer is mobile.

The service offered is completely contactless, to provide maximum social distancing and includes pick up and drop off.

How it works

Al Ghandi Auto’s support team has been reaching out to eligible customers to have their service booked, Alternatively, customers can get in touch with the support team to book a service themselves.

Once booked, a flat-bed truck (recovery) is sent to the requested pickup location. Once picked up, the vehicle is whisked away to the nearest Al Ghandi Auto service centre.

After the service is complete and time has been organised to drop the car back, Al Ghandi will thoroughly sanitise the vehicle before returning.

Mark Jenkins, CEO of Al Ghandi Auto Group, said: “It is in everyone’s best interest to stay at home in the current global situation. However, people still need to move around their towns and cities for grocery shopping, pharmacy visits and essential work so we continue to owe our customers a reliable and well-maintained car to carry out these vital journeys. This is why we decided to launch this service. Timely service of a vehicle and preventative maintenance is the key to owning a car that runs well for a long time.”

The service is only available to customers who hold a service contract with Al Ghandi Motors.

Customers can get in contact with Al Ghandi Auto via the call centre which is available 24/7 to book their car service.

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