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Sell your car

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Using DubiCars’ online marketplace, you can sell your car anywhere within the UAE and overseas. And not only do we connect buyers and sellers across the Emirates, but we also have unparalleled reach within the export market, giving you access to the wider pool of customers seeking to buy a car like yours.

Steve B. Steve B.

Awesome photo service, on time, good pics, app and website.
Sold within 7 days!

Mr-Hamani A. Mr-Hamani A.

The site is excellent and I sold my car on it two hours after the announcement

Abdullah M. Abdullah M.

Dubicars photography service has been great. Even taking pictures of my car in the desert!

Used Car Selling Tips & Advices

Frequently asked questions on selling car in UAE

  • Is it free to advertise my car on DubiCars?

    No, it is not free. We offer several convenient options:

    • Featured Package (149AED): Boost your ad to the top and advertise it for an extended period.
    • Premium Package (199AED): Get even more visibility and exposure to potential buyers.
    • VIP Home Package (350AED): This all-inclusive option includes professional photography, a detailed description, 360-degree interior and exterior photos, and a video. All you need to do is book a time, sit back, relax, and we take care of the rest!

    Contact us to get the VIP HOME package.

  • Can I part-exchange or trade in my car?

    Many dealers offer a trade-in or part-exchange price where you can sell your car faster. If you trade-in your car, you might get slightly less than on the open market, due to the work the dealer will put in to reselling your car, but you will have a guaranteed sale without advertising. Be aware, as there are many websites promising high prices but they can come with a commission attached.

  • How to transfer vehicle ownership and registration in the UAE?

    You can do this in just 20 mins at the RTA. Find your nearest RTA service centre. The service fees and details are here as well.

    We’ve written a guide on transferring your vehicle safely but here’s a summary:

    • Make sure you clear your car debt/mortgage (see here different laws and rules for selling or transferring ownership with a car loan or mortgage). You will need a clearance certificate from your bank
    • Clear any outstanding fines or SALIK/Toll charges
    • Receiving money safely:
      • If you are issued a cheque ensure that it clears first before proceeding with the transfer of ownership
      • Cash is the best option.
      • A bank transfer is ok but always make sure you have the full funds before proceeding
      • The lesson is - always ensure you have the funds before you make the transfer!
  • How much can I sell my car for?

    This depends on the overall condition of your car, mileage (kilometers), age (year) and the features your car has. You can check our free valuation tool for an approximate guide.

    If you trade-in your car, you might get slightly less than on the open market, but you will have a guaranteed sale faster. Beware as there are many websites promising high prices but they can come with a commission attached.

  • Can I sell a car with outstanding finance?

    You do need to make sure that you have cleared your finance agreements or debt on the car. This can be done by paying off the loan and ensuring you get a clearance letter from the bank or a loan transfer (but this is usually challenging and is not advised). Here are some handy guides to the law and what you need to do to clear your car finance:

    If you’re looking to finance a used car in the UAE, here’s our guide:

  • Can I get my car inspected before I sell?

    It’s a good idea to get an independent view of your car, so you know what might need repairs. You can do this so you can be as honest as possible in your advert or to fix anything before you sell.

    If you use the promotional code ‘DUBI’ at our partner AutoHub, you’ll get a discount.

  • Can I sell my car if I am a UAE resident but not in the country?

    You can sell your car if you are a UAE resident but abroad, however, the car must be in the UAE and you will need someone who can act on your behalf.

  • How do I buy my next car in the UAE?

    There’s so much to consider when buying your next car – budget, how you’ll use it, maintenance and running costs…

    To make it easier for you, we’ve already written some guides and checklists on buying your next car in the UAE. Check out our how to transfer ownership guide – it’s as good for car sellers as it is car buyers!

  • How do I advertise my car in the UAE on DubiCars?

    In 3 simple steps.

    • Take at least 6-8 good photos of your car, inside and out. And get all the details – mileage (kilometres), Make, Model, Year, Features. You can even use our valuation tool as a guide on price.
    • Enter your car details (it takes about 2 minutes), including how buyers can contact you
    • Choose a package, from free, 149AED, 199AED or 350AED depending on how fast you want to sell your car. We’ll create an account called ‘My Garage’ for you. No need to remember passwords, just sign in via an OTP.
  • What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

    Here’s a quick checklist if you are selling your car in the UAE:

    Optional but useful:

    • Service History
    • Any warranty for the car or guarantees on parts
  • What is my car worth?

    For a guide on your car’s value, you can use our free valuation tool. Things that affect car value are age, mileage, general wear and tear, the trim (or features your car has) and if your car has been in an accident.

  • How can I sell my car fast?

    When you come to selling your car there’s nothing better than great pictures, a good and detailed description, service history if you have it and honesty. Get our tips on selling a car fast here.

    Then sell it on DubiCars. Even on our 149 AED option 75% cars sell in 10 days. Or use our 199AED, or 350AED package and sell even faster.

  • How do you sell a car in the UAE?

  • How do I know if my car is GCC spec?

    Most cars, probably around 80% in the UAE are GCC specs. However, some are imports from Europe, US, Japan, etc. The best way to find out is on the original ownership documents or if those are not available - tell-tale signs are Arabic text on car parts such as the wing mirrors, etc.

  • Can I sell my car if I don’t live in the UAE?

    Are you leaving the UAE for good and haven’t sold your car yet? Or were you not able to sell it while you were residing in the Emirates? A vehicle Power of Attorney (POA) is mandatory in the UAE if you are not able to be present when selling your car. It is not currently possible to sell your car on our website if the car is not within the UAE. However, if you own a car that is currently in the UAE, you can sell it if you are abroad.

    We've written the following guides:

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