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Used cars for sale in UAE

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Used Cars Price in UAE

Model Price
BMW 850 AED 10,000 - AED 750,000
Ford Shelby AED 7,500 - AED 1,550,000
Hyundai Accent AED 1,800 - AED 195,000
Land Rover Defender AED 14,000 - AED 1,450,000
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AED 10,000 - AED 4,590,000

Used Cars for sale in UAE

Due to its central location and forward-thinking infrastructure, Dubai has emerged as a regional transportation hub. Dubai has been praised for its attempts to improve the quality of life for its citizens, as well as its efforts to preserve the environment for future generations. Initiatives and strategies are being implemented in the city with precisely these aims in mind. By doing so, Dubai has become an example for other cities and countries to emulate.

The city's various efforts have made doing business, working, and living in the city an attractive proposition for most, including providing advanced technology solutions across sectors, modern infrastructure, connectivity, and communication, and various pro-business and future-forward endeavours. Dubai is home to the world's mobility leaders and a major centre for the export and re-export of automobiles to the MENA region, making the automobile industry a vibrant and crucial pivot for future growth among its many booming industries and sectors.

To substantiate its claims and to fulfil its objectives, the market for used cars for sale in UAE will grow at a 10.9% CAGR until 2028. It is expected to double by 2028, owing to consumers' growing preference for vehicle ownership, rising disposable income, and increasing market players offering quality and affordable used cars.

The UAE’s Automotive Market

The market reached USD 20.60 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 43.13 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 10.9% between 2022 and 2028. The emergence of online and authorization platforms for used car sales and purchases has contributed to the growth of the market of used cars for sale in UAE. Used cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE market due to their low prices. As a bonus, online used car platforms make it simple to obtain critical information such as the price of a wide range of used cars, price comparisons from various vendors, mileage, appearance, and condition through pictures and visuals, and so on.

These elements go a long way toward assisting consumers in making a final decision. However, the rising cost of used cars in the UAE due to the scarcity of new vehicles may be a significant impediment to the market's expansion. The condition and appearance of used cars are important factors in determining their demand and price. First-hand car owners strive to keep their vehicles in top condition by performing regular servicing and maintenance for lower fuel consumption and longer life. As a result, car owners can preserve the quality of their vehicles during resale, contributing to the smooth resale of used cars in the UAE. Furthermore, the growing testing and inspection services in the UAE for used cars to ensure their safety for resale are boosting the market growth.

Japanese used cars in action on the UAE roads!

Used Japanese cars are in high demand in the UAE, with Toyota being the most popular brand in the market of used cars for sale in UAE. Nissan also has a significant market share. The popularity of Japanese used cars for sale in UAE is anticipated to grow due to lower entry prices compared to German or South Korean counterparts. Furthermore, Japanese cars are relatively inexpensive in terms of service and maintenance, making them appealing to the buyers of used cars for sale in UAE.

The C2C segment's CAGR is expected to grow by 12.5%. Because of the rise of social media and the internet, customer-to-customer (C2C) sales in the UAE have become much easier. Several online platforms exist for selling and buying used cars from private owners. Initially, there were Dubai-focused websites, but these now cover all seven emirates.

The UAE's most loved auto beauties!

Hyundai Elantra

- Hyundai Elantra is a compact car with a front-engine, front-wheel drive layout, easy-to-use infotainment system, high speed, and fuel-efficient engines. Most importantly, it is popular because of its low price. The price for a used Hyundai Elantra for sale in Dubai is between AED 35,000- 45,000.

Toyota Corolla

- Toyota has been a trusted brand for years and produces high-performance vehicles. Toyota Corolla is a popular car in Dubai and the UAE. Toyota Corolla has been in production since 1991 and is a compact car with excellent fuel economy, user-friendly features, good gas mileage, and a pleasant and comfortable driving experience. One of the main reasons why the Toyota Corolla is so well-known and dominates the market is its excellent fuel economy. The price for a used Toyota Corolla for sale in Dubai is between AED 39,000-45,000.


- BMW X5 is well-known for its sporty appearance, luxury, advanced handling, power, and versatility. BMW X5 combines everything; additionally, BMW X5 has a powerful engine that makes it very rugged and reliable. The price for a used BMW X5 for sale is between AED 110,000 and 150,000.

Nissan Altima

- The Nissan Altima is a luxurious and powerful mid-size car. It combines super performance, driver assistance, flexible seating, and a comfortable ride. It is well-known in Dubai due to its extensive features and low cost. The price for a used Nissan Altima for sale ranges between AED 30,000 and 50,000.

Nissan Patrol

- The Nissan Patrol is a full-size SUV with a front-engine layout and four-wheel drive/rear-wheel drive. With this superb SUV, you command the road. The new Nissan patrol has an intelligent rear mirror, remote engine starter, and road monitor features. The used Nissan Patrol for sale is between AED 50,000 and 60,000.

Mitsubishi Pajero

- The Mitsubishi Pajero is an SUV with a front-mounted engine and all-wheel drive. It was first introduced in 1981 and will be phased out by 2021. It is well-known for its heavy-duty, off-road-focused, and super-select four-wheel-drive system. The used Mitsubishi Pajero for sale costs between AED 85,000 and 99,000.

Toyota Camry

- Toyota Camry was the second most popular vehicle on our list. Toyota Camry is very common in Dubai. The majority of taxis in Dubai are Toyota Camry. Camry is a mid-size car with four and six-cylinder engines. Camry distinguishes itself with its user-friendly infotainment system, composed handling, powerful V6 engine, and relaxing ride. The used Toyota Camry for sale costs between AED 45,000 and 60,000.

Toyota Land Cruiser

- The Land Cruiser's popularity stems from its dependability and longevity. The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser has the excellent off-road capability and a plethora of standard features. The used Land Cruiser for sale costs between AED 77,000 and 190,000.


FAQs on used cars for sale in UAE
  • How many used cars are available for sale in UAE?

    There are 15,971 used cars available for sale in UAE.

  • What are the most popular used car brands for sale in UAE?

    Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover, Hyundai are the most popular used car brands in UAE.

  • What are the popular used car models for sale in UAE?

    The most popular used car models for sale in UAE are Ford Mustang, Nissan Altima, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrol.

  • What is the average price of a used car for sale in UAE?

    The average price of a used car for sale in UAE is AED 162,801.

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