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Our values:

  • We partner, not compete with our customers
  • Innovate to solve problem to create real value
  • We share and leverage data to create best practices
  • Trust and transparency for all
  • Be passionate and focused delivering excellent customer service
  • Invest in people and partnership

Solutions not just packages:

  • Control Auto and free tools

    Our powerful suite of CRM and content tools distributes your cars on web and social in a one-stop tool.

  • Dedicated website

    Dealers with websites get 3x more exposure, so we create one for you

  • Data and insights

    Access to a wide range of data reports and market performance

  • Video, photography and 360

    Professional video and photography with 360 interior and exterior tools

  • New markets support

    Innovative solutions to sell cars in emerging markets.

Our Team

Meet our Awesome Sales Team

  • Laurent Najem Laurent Najem

    Head of Sales

  • Diaa Elseoufy Diaa Elseoufy

    Sales Team Leader

  • Abhinav Dhuna Abhinav Dhuna

    Senior Account Manager

  • Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Saleh

    Senior Business Dev. Manager

  • Muhammad Al Khatib Muhammad Al Khatib

    Account Manager

  • Dalal Kashan Dalal Kashan

    Account Coordinator

  • Maysoon Hasaab Elnaby Maysoon Hasaab Elnaby

    Account Coordinator

  • Asim Qaseem Asim Qaseem

    Ad Ops Manager

  • Ahmed Adel Ahmed Adel

    Account Coordinator

  • Osama Rayyan Osama Rayyan

    Account Executive

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