Bugatti Chiron Divo to be faster and lighter then the current version

Bugatti Chiron Divo

While the Bugatti Sport is currently travelling the world visiting various luxurious locales for customers to feast their eyes one, Bugatti is said to be working on an all-new version of the hypercar presently known as the Bugatti Chiron Divo.

Alleged to have been shown off at least two private events in the US, unnamed sources have revealed a wealth of information about the project. One, in particular, revealed that the Divo would look drastically different to the current Sport version with another saying the vehicle is fitted with an array of significant upgrades.

Bugatti Chiron Divo; what to expect

Bugatti is said to be working on an all-new, racing-derived gearbox for the upcoming hypercar. This new transmission will play a crucial part in the vehicle’s acceleration allowing it to reach new heights with sources stating the Divo will be quicker than the ‘regular’ car.

If that is the case, it will need to be quicker than 2.5 seconds when sprinting from 0-100 km/h and hit 200 km/h in under 6.5 seconds. A tough ask for most, but if there is anyone to achieve such a thing, Bugatti is the ones to do it.

But the gearbox is not the only thing they are said to be working one. Sources also indicate Bugatti are also turning their attention to the track and are crafting the Divo to be better suited for the racetrack.

The amount of downforce the vehicle produces has supposedly been drastically increased, and Divo’s top speed now sits at 385 km/h down from the electronically capped 420 km/h of the Chiron Sport. The Bugatti Chiron Divo is also said to the lightest model to date from the French manufacturer.

Its said that the Bugatti Chiron Divo would be limited to less than 100 units. However, it remains unknown if these units will be part of the Chiron’s run of 500 or if they will be separate.

The standard Bugatti Chiron Sport currently costs $3.1 million or AED 11.38 million and the Bugatti Chiron Divo is said to cost almost double that with some suggesting a price of $5.85 million or AED 21.48 million.

Note: Bugatti Chiron Sport pictured has used Bugatti for sale in Dubai.

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