Continental Tyres reveal safety tips for motorists getting back behind the wheel

With private sector businesses, malls, gyms, leisure centres and almost everything else returning to 100% operation starting from the 3rd of June 2020, Continental Tyres are providing some important safety tips for motorists in the UAE to ensure their vehicle is ready for the new journey ahead.

Tyre inspection

Leaving any vehicle unused for extended periods of time can cause flat spots due to the weight of the vehicle pressing down on the tyres. It is important to keep your tyres inflated at all times.

Before you head out for any journey, inspect your tyres for any deformities such as bulges, cracks, blisters or flat spots. If you spot any, take immediate action.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure should also be checked. Continental Tyres recommends you every two-four weeks drivers should check their tyres. Motorists should also do this before heading back out on the roads.

If pressures are too high or to low, the can cause a range of potentially dangerous issues, including loss of traction and overheating not to mention an effect on fuel consumption.

Recommended tyre pressures for one’s vehicle can usually be found o the driver’s doorpost.

Battery Check

While cars have been parked up, the batteries haven’t been activated or charged for some time. When this happens, they lose their charge. Continental recommends switching on the engine and driving around for a little first.

If you have trouble starting, you may need to replace the battery.


With little to no movement, brakes a vehicle can cease up and degrade. Upon starting the car, you should move around a little after putting the car in gear.

If the brakes are squeaky, the brakes need to be changed.

Levels check

One of the most import aspects of car care is maintaining the right fluid and lubricant levels. Before heading out, check the engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant and ensure they are at the correct level.

Lack of movement can lead to certain components degrading and can cause spills and leaks.

Ensuring levels are correct will help prevent potentially dangerous engine, brake or transmission failures.


When parked for some time, dirt gathers on the windshield wipers and can potentially damage them. It’s a good idea to clean them along with the windshield before heading out,

Spare tyre

As life slowly returns to normal in the UAE, drivers should also check their spare tyre is still usable and inspect if there is any damage or pressure loss.

A healthy spare tyre can go a long way and is crucial in case of a blowout.

Continental has released a video collaborating with Mr Mawater and details what to look out for before Moving Forward.

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