Coronavirus – Dubai speed cameras adjusted; will flash every time during 8 pm and 6 am

Radars across the Emirate of Dubai are set to trigger if a motorist is driving too fast. They will now be used to identify motorists who do not follow the authorities instructions as per the stay-at-home during the National Sterilization Programme in Dubai. 

An outbreak of motorists took to the web and their phones to complain about speed cameras flashing them during the night on various roads even at the speed limit and slower. 

Dubai Police announced last Friday that the radars had been recalibrated to flash any vehicle driving past between 8 pm and 6 am.

Policed urged motorists to apply for a permit before leaving the house for essential purposes.

For example, buying food or visiting a pharmacy is allowed, whereas visiting a friend is not.

Not that the permit is valid for one day and you can apply for one here. You’ll need a valid Emirates ID to register.

Motorists who have a valid permit during the time frame, will not receive a fan.

“Only people who have registered on the website and received approval will be allowed to leave home in Dubai. We received many calls from motorists tonight diving under the speed limit.” Explained a Dubai Official.

He said that the radars have been specifically recalibrated to flash any vehicle driving past irrelevant of the speed of travel during the sterilization period, from 8 pm to 6 am.

As of the 23rd of April, the cameras will now trigger at 10 pm instead of 8 pm.

Main image credit: Arabianbusiness

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