Coronavirus test mandatory for driving test in RAK

As the UAE slowly returns to normal under the directory of the UAE Ministry and Authorities, Ras Al Khaimah Police General Headquarters announced late last week, that anyone attempting to get the driver’s license in the Emirate must have a Coronavirus test done before getting started.

Posted on Social Media, RAK Police announced the Traffic and Licensing Centres and the Internal and Road Driving Test Office are open once again.

As of the 10th of May 2020, the department is running at 30% capacity.

Those seeking a license in the Emirate must adhere to the following;

  • Valid Coronavirus test (Not valid after 48 hours)
  • Whilst at the facility, all applicants must wear face masks and gloves
  • Social distancing is a must in the waiting areas and other public areas
  • Customers must sterilize their hands before and after paying fees (same should apply to hand over any documents)

It is not yet known if you need to a Coronavirus test to obtain a license in other Emirates including Dubai.

Image credit: Alamy and Khaleej Times

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