Don’t throw garbage from you car window, it can cost you dearly

As per a recently updated traffic law, throwing garbage from your car window can land you in trouble with the authorities.

When caught, you will be handed an AED 1,000 fine and six black points added to your driving license. Take note that the litter is not subject to large items such as a rubbish bag, throwing tissues, paper, cans or even a cigarette butt can warrant a fine.

Polluting UAE roads is a federal offence and is enforced across all seven Emirates according to the

In the first three months of 2018, Police in Abu Dhabi caught and fined 85 motorists in the capital for littering according to Brig Ahmed Al Shehi, deputy director of Traffic and Patrols Department. “Abu Dhabi Police are committed to maintaining the Emirate’s clean image and keeping a watchful eye on any drivers around littering om the streets from their cars.”

The fine is not strictly limited to Abu Dhabi, as Dubai Authorities will also hand you a fine of AED 500 if caught littering in the Emirate.

Dubai Authorities have employed 155 inspectors at the Waste Management Department who are authorised to fine people for littering in Dubai.

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