Export cars, why buy from the UAE?

Exporting and importing cars into Africa is big business. Importers based in Ghana, Angola, Nigeria and Ethiopia are some of the biggest players when it comes to importing vehicles.

But with so many countries to import from, why do car importers choose the UAE to buy their cars and export to Africa?

With the help of Aeon Shipping, we found the answers.

It’s all about the money

One main reason for buying a new or used car to export to Africa in the UAE is because of the price. Taxes in most countries when it comes to cars can be extraordinarily high.

Even factoring in import duties and shipping costs, the total vehicle price is lower compared to buying one in some countries.

It’s close

Japan and the US were gold mines when it came to importing cars to Africa for years, but the distance between them and Africa and the time it would take to ship were a burden.

With the UAE located closer to the continent, it became a hotspot for imports. Shipping can take as little as seven days to ship from the UAE to Africa.

With the shipping routes much closer, shipping rates are lower too.

No dealer

In certain countries, there aren’t even official dealers for automotive brands. The only way to get the vehicles would be to export them from a different country and import them.


As the UAE is mostly Desert with an abundance of roads connecting all seven Emirates, types of cars available in the market ranging from tough 4x4s to family saloon cars.

These are the exact cars importers are on the lookout for.

Ease of release

When exporting out of the UAE, shipping companies like Aeon Shipping don’t even need you to be present in the country. All they need from you is a passport copy, and payment and they’ll take care of the shipping process.


Vehicles built for the UAE marker differ to those specced for the Japanese or European market. All GCC vehicles have these upgraded parts stock from the dealer;

  • Air filters (protects the vehicle from sand)
  • Stronger radiators (to cope with the intense heat)
  • Paint protection

Do I have to be in the UAE to ship the vehicle?

If this guide were written ten years ago, yes you would have to fly from your home country and stay in Dubai. But with websites such as Dubicars now available in any country, you can find thousands of quality export cars available to ship to Africa.

You don’t even need to contact an expensive broker as services like ExportSafe will act on your behalf for a low fee.

They can source the vehicle for the best price according to your budget, and with the help of Aeon Shipping, shipping costs are unbeatable.

What about restrictions?

Certain countries in Africa have different restrictions when it comes to importing vehicles.

  • Only vehicles less than three-years-old can be imported into Angola.
  • Ethiopia and Ghana have no restrictions on import cars.
  • Kenya doesn’t allow cars older than eight-years to be imported.
  • Nigeria allows cars less than 15 years to be imported.
  • South Africa doesn’t allow the import of new cars.

Choose over thousands of export cars today! Left-hand drive and right-hand drive available.

Need help exporting? Choose ExportSafe your best exporting friend powered by Dubicars.

Photo Credit: Aeon Shipping

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