HINO trucks UAE see 300% growth in 5 years

Al-Futtaim HINO, an Al-Futtaim Automotive company that exclusively franchises light, medium and heavy-duty commercial trucks in the UAE, announced an impressive increase in market share by around 300% in the past five years, growing from 12% in 2015 to lead the market with 47% as of May 2020.

In the last five years, HINO has established an excellent foothold in the overall FMCG, waste management, logistics, construction, and petrol delivery industries. More recently, it has seen a 23% rise in the last twelve months, thanks to the demanding goods delivery operators and FMCF sectors.

Ramez Hamdan, General Manager, Al-Futtaim HINO, said, “Our market dominance today would not have been possible without the collective effort and dedication of our highly talented team, who have worked tirelessly to grow this promising business from where we started five years ago to this remarkable achievement we see today, despite some of the most challenging market conditions. This commitment paired with our partnership approach to our clients and delivery of a fast and dependable aftersales support stands us in good stead to continue on this trajectory for the coming years.”

Looking ahead to the next six months, the HINO Trucks UAE is expecting steady performance in the second half of the year.

Companies and customers looking for sturdy, reliable and cost-effective commercial vehicles can choose the light-duty HINO300 Series, medium-duty HINO400 or the heavy-duty HINO700 series.

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