Honda Civic Type R exclusively manual!

Rumours have started circulated that the upcoming and impeccable Honda Civic Type R would be the first of its kind by utilising a CVT gearbox or an “automatic” box. Honda has responded to these rumours rather quickly and dismissing them entirely.

By adding a CVT box, Honda could snatch sales away from Volkswagen and their Golf R hot hatch but at the same time, the brand would lose die hard fans of the Civic Type R that have literally had the vehicle passed through generations.

After these silly rumours surfaced online, two representatives from Honda themselves came out and acknowledged that the Honda Civic Type R will only be available with a manual gear lever in the centre console and a clutch peddle in the drivers footwell.

It does breathe new light into the future of vehicles as many have already opted to ditch the three pedal setup and gone for the “easier to use” automatic transmissions. With Honda continuing the manual trend with the Civic Type R, it puts a smile on our face and every other petrol head out there.

It is also reported that the Honda Civic Si will also be available with a manual gearbox two.

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