Lexus LF-LC, its coming!

Lexus LF-LC

Lexus’s LFA was a fantastic car, it looked great, cost a lot of money and made lot of noise in the process, with the last one rolling off the production line in 2010. It sat on top of the Lexus food chain not only for its price tag but for its beauty, in its wake the spectacular looking LF-LC is coming and will no doubt fill part of that void which the LFA left and it won’t cost as much.

At the 2012 Detroit Motor show, Lexus bought along the LF-LC (Lexus Future-Luxury Coupe) finished in red, featuring a four-seat setup and the exterior was made of highly durable carbon fibre and aluminum. Inside a 12.3-inch touchscreen multimedia interface will be found as well as smartphone sized screens on the inner door panels to be used for air-conditioning adjustments, moving the seats and controlling the windows.

Shortly after Detroit, another LF-LC was shown off at the Sydney Auto Show, this time in blue with no other changes made to the interior or stunning exterior. It also featured as a fictional race car in Sony PlayStation’s Gran Turismo 6.

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504527Just recently an LF-LC concept was spotted in the wild, heavily camouflaged in black and white swirls. It’s hard to tell how much of the gorgeous concept has actually made its way to the production based model, however from the pictures snapped we can see some of the styling cues are present such as the protruding rear end, boomerang styled rear taillights, a small spoiler attached to the boot lid, a dual exhaust system and slanted rear window.

The vehicle was spotted navigating the canyons somewhere in the United States accompanied by a Porsche 911, a Lexus LS and a BMW 650i – could the BMW and Porsche be its rivals? Or could it face off with BWM’s i8 and Acura’s NSX?

What will power the machine is quite a mystery, but what’s known is the horsepower output which is rated at 499. With hybrid powertrains slowly becoming the norm, it’s a possibility the LF-LC will feature one with power being sent to the rear wheels. No doubt that various trim levels will be available including a high-performance F model. A V6 or V8 could potentially be found under the bonnet, rumours have been circulating that the F variant will receive a twin-turbo V8 rated at 600hp, only time will tell.

Recently Lexus trademarked elephant ear mirrors, we’re not sure what that means though and Lexus can’t explain just yet, but the wing mirrors don’t look incredibly massive on the LF-LC unless I’m missing the point here. Last year the Japanese marque also obtained the patent for the LC name.

No official date has been set in stone for the LC-LF, however late 2016 is probably a safe bet, when we know more we’ll keep you up to date. Lets us know in the comments below what you think about this concept. Check out all new Lexus and used Lexus for sale in Dubai listings on

As an afterthought, the rear end closely resembles Toyota’s successor to the Supra, FT-1 minus the rear spoiler, which is still making the round in the rumour mill if it’s going to see the light of day or not.

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