No reverse camera? Pearl has you covered.

Pearl may not be a company you have ever heard of until now, but with three ex-Apple engineers, you know they mean business. Just look at how Apple revolutionised the tech market, and Pearl is looking to do the same in the auto market with their latest innovation, RearVision.

RearVision is basically a license plate frame with an added bonus. It has two HD cameras mounted at the top giving drivers a better view of what’s behind. One camera is optimised for daytime use where the other is equipped with an IR sensor for night time reversing. Together they offer a 175-degree angle making it the perfect addition to a vehicle without a reverse camera such as a Mercedes SLR, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Bugatti Veyron or any other expensive classic.

It’s quite an ingenious system as it comes with a car adapter and phone mount which are electronically paired. To use the device, you must own either and iPhone 5 or newer model running iOS 9 and above or an Android device running Lollipop 5.0 or later software and Bluetooth 4.0. Your phone is exclusively paired with the system.

Best of all, no batteries are needed as the frame has built-in solar panels to charge the cameras.

While it does barley rain here in the UAE, the new tech is water resistant but not waterproof. When getting the car washed, it’s better to take the frame off.

Available to pre-order in the US at a price of $499 (approx AED 1830) and it’s only available in the States for the time being. It’s also worth noting that the system is designed for rear end use, and the developers do not recommend attaching it to the front.

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