No speed limit buffer in Abu Dhabi from August 12

A statement from the Abu Dhabi police has been released announcing the removal of the grace speeds on internal and external roads in the UAE’s capital; Abu Dhabi starting from August 12 2018.

Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi, Commander-in-Cheif of Abu Dhabi Police explained the removal of the grace speed limit on the roads was implemented after studies were carried out as per road accidents index and traffic density on the roads.

He urged motorists to obey the new speed limits which will be implemented as per international standards to ensure safer roads for all motorist and to cooperate with the traffic police in Abu Dhabi regarding the changes.

The Abu Dhabi Police will also conduct awareness campaigns among the general public to educate and inform them of the new speed limits and the removal of the additional speed limit on all roads in Abu Dhabi.

Currently, motorists are given an additional grace speed of 20 kilometres an hour on each road on top of the stated speed limits on road signs.

For example, if the signs read 120 km/h, drivers are allowed to cruise at 140 km/h as the radars will flash if a vehicle is caught exceeding 141 km/h and above.

As for roads within other Emirates, no announcement has been made of the grace speed being removed.

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