RTA announces Salik placement warnings

Salik gate

Earlier today, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai warned all motors about the placements of Salik tags on one’s vehicle.

Not having a Salik tag and driving under a gate results in an AED 100 fine for the first trip, AED 200 for the second and AED 400 for the third and ones following after.

If you do find your self passing under a gate without a tag or insufficient finds, you have a ten-day grace period to either buy a tag or top-up ones account.

You can find more information about Salk tags here.

When it comes to Salik tag placement, the authority expressed that it must be stuck to the vehicle’s windshield in order to be detected.

You may notice, most Salik tags are stuck to the vehicle’s windshield just below the rear-view mirror. This is the optimal place for any road user in a car to stick the tag.

Motorcyclists can stick their tag to the windshield of their bike.

If your tag is in the wrong location, peeling it off will damage the tag. You’ll need to purchase a new one.

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