Check Used Cars Status in Dubai with RTA Vehicle Status Certificate

RTA Vehicle Status Certificate

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the Vehicle Status Certificate, which includes the main and historical data of the vehicle, in order to increase the awareness of the car buyers and help them avoid fraud and deception, as well as provide a distinguished level of services that are appropriate to the level of the Emirate of Dubai.

RTA Vehicle Status Certificate

You can access this service by RTA using this link and it costs AED 100 per report.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, Licensing Authority, said: “The launch of the Vehicle Status Certificate is a new and distinctive addition to vehicle licensing services. This service provides customers with detailed and important data about the condition of the vehicle, insurance history and validity, vehicle owner history, vehicle condition during the annual inspection process, and other relevant information.

Required Documents & Eligibility

There are no required documents to use this service but you need a VIN number. Companies and individuals may use this service by RTA.

How to Use Vehicle Status Certificate

Visit the link provided above and follow these simplified steps:

  1. Enter the chassis number of the vehicle.
  2. The owner of the vehicle receives a confirmation code as a text message (this step is required to comply with RTA privacy policy).
  3. The owner enters the received code.
  4. The customer/owner checks all details pertaining to the vehicle.
  5. The customer is required to settle the service fees by credit card.
  6. The customer receives the certificate from the website or through email.

RTA Data Privacy Policy

This service is subject to approval by the owner of the vehicle by sending a text message containing the use of the code to ensure data privacy, then the buyer can obtain service number to enter “VIN” of the car in question, then the buyer will be notified if it’s possible for RTA to provide him with the detailed report and car history in exchange for A sum of 100 dirhams per certificate.

Imported Cars Status

The service also includes used vehicles from abroad, where web and online connection with some international companies such as CARFAX America, and the European AUTO DNA services, to collect information on vehicles that are imported to the country from the continents of America, Europe and Asia, so we can provide the client whatever like need to know about any vehicle that may come from outside the UAE for an additional fee.


  1. Hi
    I purchased a Mercedes e300 from a garage and I was told only engine oil and basis service is needed. The car was tested by RTA and it was passed and it was transferred on my name. However after 2-3 days I have observed now car engine is misfiring. Replacing the spark plugs has not solved the problem. I am not sure if I have any legal rights to go back to seller or approach RTA?
    Any guidance or comments please?

  2. I attempted to buy a 2017 Mini Countryman from [Dealership name masked] in Dubai. It was told that everything in the car is fine and all minor repairs in the car is rectified perfectly. For my satisfaction, i took the car to AGMC (BMW agency) and paid AED 2500 from my pocket for comprehensive testing.

    They told that car had a front collision and due to some unknown reason, owner repaired it from local incompetent workshop not agency. Since the car was bought from Abu Dhabi Motors, AGMC sent their assessment to them for further enlightenment. Abu Dhabi Motors came up with the report that this car is put under scrapped/ vehicle without a warranty.

    I have all the relevant reports with me but I want to make sure that such information should be part of some central system in UAE may be by RTA. Assessment by paying additional money to the agency is not common and usual practice and many people may be cheated. I am still not sure if someone has bought this countryman thinking that warranty and all the packages are intact on this car.


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