See that bus with the stop sign; STOP!

Abu Dhabi School Bus

Motorists in Abu Dhabi need to be more vigilant when it comes to school buses on the road as failing to do so could warrant a fine.

All motorists in Abu Dhabi must stop if a “stop signal” is extended from the school bus. If not, a fine of AED 1,000 will be issued, and 10 black points will be added to one’s license as per an Abu Dhabi Police statement issued on Thursday (17/01/19).

As per the Abu Dhabi Police, when a “stop” sign is out on a single road, vehicles in both directions must stop. On double roads, motorists have to stop in the direction the bus and must stop at least five metres behind the bus.

School bus drivers who do not use the “stop” sign when students are getting off the bus will incur an AED 500 fine and six traffic points.

Abu Dhabi Police urges school bus drivers to drive safely around the UAE capital, and to stop only in safe areas for students to get on and off the bus.

Students of the UAE are also urged to follow the instructions of the bus supervisors.

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