10 Tips to Save Fuel Every Driver Should Know

Tips to Save Fuel Every Driver Should Know

The price of petrol is currently fluctuating every month in the UAE, and even when it reaches its lowest price, it’s still a huge cost. Here are some tips to save fuel every driver should consider.

Engine Maintenance

Take care of your engine; an overheating engine can increase the petrol consumption by 10%

Oil Change

Change oil regularly, because an overused engine oil will cause 3% extra petrol consumed.

Tyre Pressure

Know your tyre pressure, believe it or not, but if your vehicle tyres are not filled with air, properly it will massively require more power to move the car.

Driving Off-Road

Don’t drive on the sand if you don’t have to. Driving on a non-solid road will generate more resistance in the car tyres adding more pressure on the engine.

Less Weight

Less weight! Don’t keep so many things in the trunk all the time.

Less Speed

Higher speed requires more petrol! According to Consumer Reports driving at a speed of 100km/h instead of 120km/h will save you enough fuel to drive extra 21 kilometres for each 10 litres of petrol.

Smooth Driving

Avoid sudden speed increase (unless you wanted to avoid an accident) try to smoothly change your speed and don’t be an aggressive driver.

Filling the Tank

Fill the tank between the third and half of your tank to regulate the fuel consumption, don’t wait until the tank is empty to feed your car.

Waiting Time

Turn off your car while you’re waiting because the engine can burn enough fuel to drive you 1.5km every minute. Hybrid cars automatically stop fuel consumption when it stops.

Plan your Trip

Before you go ahead and start your holiday trip why don’t you plan it first, instead of having multiple trips going back and forth try to make it one trip.

Don’t Drive

Okay, what’s the best way to save petrol? Don’t use it. If your trip is too short to drive your car, you can save petrol and parking fees by using a bicycle or metro for example.

Tell us your Methods to Save Fuel

Got more tips? Why not share with us. Comment your best tips and tricks to save fuel and preserve a healthy engine. Meanwhile, if you’re thinking to buy better pre-owned cars why don’t you have a look at our inventory of used cars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

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