Track inspired 2018 Honda NSX inbound

Honda’s rebirth into the sports car market has been a bit hectic, with the new NSX being developed for close to a decade before it finally hits the streets of major cities worldwide this year. Honda is already planning a track inspired variant as if it wasn’t sporty enough and no one has one in their garage asides from Rick Hendrick, possibly.

On top of the track ready version, Honda would like to cut the roof off and have it fold neatly into the boot giving those who desperately wanted a convertible version to quieten down.

Aside from the fact that both these models will be coming shortly, power outputs are unknown. At least for the drop top version, the 550 horsepower figure generated from the 3.5-litre petrol engine and electric motors will stay similar. As for the R version, 570 hp and above seems reasonable to power all four wheels via a 9-speed automatic gearbox.

With figures like that, It’s odd to think that a Honda can stack up against supercar royalty such as Porsche and their 911 Turbo, Ferrari and their 458 and Audi’s R8 V10.

R versions will not only generate more power but are said to look unique. Going back in time to the original Honda NSX-R, which is equipped with stiffer suspension and a lighter body for improved track day sessions. Both the sound system and a/c were stripped out to reduce weight, and exclusive alloys were attached to each corner. There is a potential that the 2018 model could head in the same direction at least with the A/C installed, though.

No price is mentioned for either variant. Seeing as standard models start at £130,000 (Approx. AED 633,800) a premium on top of that is inevitable. Don’t let the price put you off, as reviews already are favourable.

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Note: Euro spec 2017 Honda NSX shown.

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