Zedro Motors comes to life at DIMS

Zedro Motors Notorious

Tucked away in hall 2 on a small stand all to its self, the Zedro Motors Notorious stood proudly on display as one of two cars representing the Middle East.

Based in Lebanon, the luxury exotic and concept car manufacturer plan to build just 100 units. With an aggressive exterior, the Notorious is here to shake up the sports car realm.

While we’d like to tell you what you get, we can’t. We really can’t as the vehicle is fully customisable.

Speaking to us during the event, the paint finish, interior leather, headlights, taillights, wheel colour and finish are all customisable. You can get the engraving of your initials.

This makes each of the 100 models unique in every aspect.

The Notorious is built around an Infiniti G37 chassis and retains the same engine with slight tuning to crank out as much as 1,250 hp. With a proven engine and underpinnings, the Zedro Motors Notorious theoretically could be driven daily.

But due to its unique configuration don’t expect to see many driving around.

Prices start at $65,000 and the Notorious is available to order now. So far, five are already accounted for.

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