2017 Trans Am brings Pontiac back to life! Sort of

2017 Trans Am

Are you a die-hard fan of the Golden Bowtie and you’re all fired up because Dodge is producing a coupe with 840 horsepower! We wouldn’t worry too much about that as the 2017 Trans Am has plenty of extra ponies to belittle the mighty Demon.

Based on the Chevrolet Camaro, the 2017 Trans Am looks all too familiar to the Trans Am’s of the late 70’s with the eye-catching decals to boot.

The bonnet, fenders, deck lid and other exterior panels are constructed from carbon fibre components to lighten the load, 20-inch alloys adorn each corner covered in Michelin Pilot Sport rubber, springs have been lowered, and the anti-roll bars have been beefed up.

Let’s not forget the optional T-top roof!

Inside, the 2017 Trans Am further sets itself apart from the standard Camaro with painted door panels, unique shifter and dashboard cluster and custom seats.

Power is drawn from a large LT1 V8 engine with a 7.4-litre displacement, and that’s not all. GM have attached a hearty 2.3-litre Magnuson supercharger; ceramic coated headers, upgraded exhaust system and cold air intake. All of this results in a mega 1,000 horsepower escaping the bonnet and 1,416 Nm of torque.

We’re unsure of what this all results to when it comes to 0-100 sprints and top speed, all we know is that we would love to add one or two of these to our garage.

Production is limited to just 50 units, and we’re not sure how many of these beasts will make it outside of the United States. We still think there is a market for such a crazy keep in the GCC.

Until the 2017 Trans Am launches, we’ve got new Chevrolet Camaro and used Chevrolet Camaro for sale in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

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