2017 Volkswagen Polo: more space, upgraded cabin.

The next generation of Volkswagen Polo’s may be a year away and for good reason as Volkswagen is working hard to improve the mini hatchback drastically to outpace its rivals further.

Draught notes speculate that the Polo will ride on an extended wheelbase stretching out by 90mm, in turn allowing extra cabin space. And that’s not all for the interior as comfort and connectivity are top priority

Customers can expect a major overhaul regarding options and quality as notes also state that a colour infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are to be made standard on trim levels higher than base.

Screen size is estimated to be as large as 9.5-inches which would put the interfaces in the Ford Fiesta and Opel Corsa to shame. It’s too early to speculate if leather seats, powered seats and a premium sound system are on the table. However, Volkswagen bosses did hint that features from the recently facelifted Mk7 Golf could make their way into the Polo.

The older power units are said to be scrapped and replaced with a choice of turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol motors powering the front wheels. 100 to 115 horsepower is expected to be pumped out and controlled by an automatic transmission.

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2017 Volkswagen Polo models are expected to arrive mid-2017 with an undisclosed price tag. Shouldn’t be enough to break the bank. VW may want to hurry the process up as rivals are bringing their next-generation models out a lot sooner.

Photo credit: Theophilus Chin

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