UAE Petrol Price & Diesel Price Today: June 2024 Fuel Price Update

UAE petrol prices for June 2024 are AED 2.95 for EPlus 91, AED 3.02 for Special 95, and AED 3.14 for Super 98. The price of diesel in the UAE is currently AED 2.88 per litre. These prices come into effect on 01 June 2024 and are expected to remain till the end of the month. Petrol and diesel prices change every month in the UAE. New fuel prices in the UAE are expected to arrive in July 2024.

Petrol Prices In The UAE Today

  • EPlus 91 Price: 2.95 AED 
  • Special 95 Price: 3.02 AED 
  • Super 98 Price: 3.14 AED 
  • Diesel Price: 2.88 AED

*All prices mentioned above are per litre

Petrol Diesel Price Changes In The UAE

  • In May 2024, petrol prices increased by AED 0.19 while diesel prices dropped by AED 0.02. 
  • Now, in June 2024, prices have gone down by up to AED 0.20, while the cost of diesel has dropped by AED 0.19.
  • The petrol prices finally decreased in June after increasing in the past four months. Diesel prices decreased for the fourth time this year.
  • Since January 2024, petrol prices have increased by up to AED 0.31, while the diesel price has decreased by AED 0.12 in June 2024.

Petrol & Diesel Prices In The UAE For The Last Six Months

FuelEPlus 91 Price Per LitreSpecial 95Price Per LitreSuper 98Price Per LitreDieselPrice Per Litre
January 2024AED 2.64AED 2.71AED 2.82AED 3.00
February 2024AED 2.69AED 2.76AED 2.88AED 2.99
March 2024AED 2.85AED 2.92AED 3.03AED 3.16
April 2024AED 2.96AED 3.03AED 3.15AED 3.09
May 2024AED 3.15AED 3.22AED 3.34AED 3.07
June 2024AED 2.95AED 3.02AED 3.14AED 2.88

Fuel Fill-Up Cost In The UAE

Getting a full petrol tank for your car has become easier on the pocket compared to the last month. One would have to shell out between AED 4.60 & AED 15.50 for a full tank, depending on the tank size. With this fuel price decrease, the per-kilometre running costs will decrease by a significant margin.

Petrol Price Standardisation In The UAE

Before 2015, the government highly subsidised fuel prices. This protected prices from fluctuating. However, in September 2015, it was liberalised to align with global oil prices. The Fuel Price Committee decides fuel prices in the UAE and we can expect more changes over the next few months.

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