2020 Honda Civic, an enticing sedan

When it comes to mid-size sedan cars, there’s a lot on offer, and the segment is one of the most competitive segments in the auto world. One of the biggest players is the 2020 Honda Civic which has been a starlet for quite some time.

Despite its ageing name, the Civic has remained constant and fresh with the latest generation being one of the sharpest to date. But are looks enough to keep it one step of the game? Well, it’s a start plus it comes with a number of other pluses to boot.

A crowd favourite all over the world, Honda’s hugely popular Civic has been on the lists of many top 10 cars.

As always, a huge shout out to Honda UAE for lending us the vehicle! Need to make space in your garage? Sell your car faster with Dubicars.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s see why the Civic is so popular even without the RS badge.

The good

  • Fuel economy
  • Spacious
  • Styling

The bad

  • USB placement
  • Hard cabin trim
  • Infotainment system
2020 Honda Civic

Driving the 2020 Honda Civic

Driving the front axle is a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine with a modest 158 hp and is connected to a CVT gearbox. The 2020 Civic delivers a great balance of driver engagement and comfort when cruising long stretches and the CVT gearbox makes for a smooth ride at low RPMs

Over uneven terrain, the Civic holds its own thanks to multilink suspension and offers soft and responsive handling.

Like other Hondas, the 2020 Civic features an Econ mode. When pressed, thin light strips turn green, and a leaf appears on the dashboard. The lights serve as an indication of how fuel-efficient your driving is. The brighter the shade of green, the more petrol you’re saving.

2020 Honda Civic

Outside the 2020 Honda Civic

For a budget-friendly car, the 2020 Civic stands out in the segment thanks to its sharp looks. Following in the footsteps of the Accord, the sleek roofline gives the vehicle a more luxurious look.

All models are fitted with LED Daytime running lights with higher trims being equipped with LED headlights. Round the back, the Civic is equipped with C-shaped rear taillights which we envision as a crab. But when you think about it logically, Civic starts with a C and ends in a C.

Each side has power side mirrors finished in body matching paint complete with LED turn signals. The left side has an odd protrusion which you’ll find out more about later.

The cherry on top for us, are the sleek alloys on each corner. There’s no other car in the segment with captivating wheels like those.

2020 Honda Civic

Inside the 2020 Honda Civic

As soon as you settle in, you’ll realise how spacious the interior is. There’s plenty of head and legroom all over the cabin. The material quality used inside is high quality and appealing to the eyes.

There are connectivity ports inside for USB connections, but for some reason, Honda has put them in the most awkward place imaginable. At least, there is a USB cable holder to thread wires through.

The dashboard is digital with several selectable parameters. The system is crisp and smooth, plus it has adjustable lighting if you prefer a darker tone.

Japanese cars have air con systems nailed down, and the Civic is no exception and is equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control which can be adjusted via the screen or the analogue controls. Just don’t mix up the volume controls and the a/c temp.

Moving to the second row, the 2020 Civic offers ample legroom for taller passengers. The only downside is that there are no sockets anyway, not even a 12-volt one.

2020 Honda Civic

Safety & Tech

Blindspot monitoring is an optional extra and is an option; we didn’t have on our test model. Instead, ours was equipped with a camera positioned on the passenger side mirror. Displayed via the infotainment system, when you indicate right, you get a decent view and markings showing how close another vehicle is to you.

This feature can be left running even without indicating if you press the button at the end of the stalk. This can get distracting, so its a good thing it is configurable.

Sitting in the centre console is a touchscreen infotainment system with no visible buttons, instead are touch-sensitive surfaces. The system itself is responsive and has a few apps to keep you preoccupied while waiting.

Fitted with a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can use the Android-based system to browse your favourite websites. It does run on an older version of Android but delivers enough entertainment when you’re stuck in traffic.

2020 Honda Civic

Final Verdict

For a daily driver, the 2020 Honda Civic is an excellent choice, its economical on fuel, it looks great and handles well in all scenarios. And if we’re honest, there are very few shortcomings with the Civic that can be easily over ooked.

If you’re in the market for a mid-sized five-seater saloon car, then the 2020 Civic is for you. Best of all, it’s budget-friendly.

2020 Honda Civic price in UAE; Starting at AED 65,000.

Photo credit: Rajitah Perera (Dubicars)

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