Ford F-150 Raptor R Vs Ram TRX Comparison

With the ever-changing trend in the automotive world, pick-up trucks have taken another role as recreational vehicles. In this week’s edition of DubiCompare, we are looking at this new ever-growing segment of performance pick-up trucks and comparing the best of the lot: the Ford F-150 Raptor R and the Ram TRX.

Both these American pick-up truck SUVs are the top-spec variants of their respective pick-up truck line-up and feature all the bells and whistles with a dialled-up powertrain under the bonnet. Let’s get down to the comparison.

raptor r vs ram trx pick-up comparison

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Dimensions

DimensionsRaptor RTRX
Bed Length1,704mm1,712mm
Bed Width1,285mm1,295mm
Bed Height543mm543mm
Fuel Tank Capacity136L125L
Towing Capacity3,950kg3,675kg

In all our previous comparisons, no other vehicles from different manufacturers are so evenly matched as these two are. In terms of dimensions, you can expect a slightly roomier cabin on the Raptor R. Also, the Ford shines as a better hauler as compared to the TRX. Each of these has barely anything over the other, but the F-150 Raptor R inches slightly better than the TRX.

raptor r vs ram trx pick-up comparison

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Exterior Design

FeaturesRaptor RTRX
Exclusive GraphicsYesNo
Off-road MirrorsYesYes
Body CladdingYesYes
Side StepYesYes
Hood ScoopYesYes

The Raptor and the TRX have a large footprint and once you see them in your rear-view mirror you will move over. Again, the Raptor R, in terms of looks, inches slightly better than the TRX because of its exclusive body graphics and the Raptor R badging. The TRX does feature a slightly bigger wheel. But in the off-road section, we’ll tell you why it doesn’t matter. In the exterior looks, it is the F-150 Raptor R again.

raptor r vs ram trx pick-up comparison

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Interiors & Features

FeaturesRaptor RTRX
Instrument Cluster12-inch12-inch
Head-Up DisplayNoYes
Android AutoYesYes
Apple CarplayYesYes
Wireless ChargerYesOptional
Climate ControlDual-ZoneDual-Zone
Heated & Cooled SeatsYesOptional
Electric SteeringYesYes
Ambient LightingYesYes

As mentioned at the start of this comparison, these recreational pick-up trucks are loaded with features. As you can see from the above table, both are evenly equipped, with the entertainment and comfort taking centre stage on the Raptor R. In this section, we will choose the F-150 as it gets more kit as standard over the TRX.

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Engine & Performance

EnginesRaptor RTRX
Max Power700hp702hp
Peak Torque868Nm881Nm
Acceleration [0 to 96km/h]3.6 seconds4.5 seconds
Gearbox10-speed AT8-speed AT

The title Predator versus the Hellcat comes into play here as the Ford uses its Predator powertrain and the RAM is powered by the Hellcat engine. Both are supercharged and both have enough oomph to spin the earth backwards. The bigger engine on the TRX has a wider torque spread explaining slower acceleration time. However, it does have a better top speed. In our opinion, both are evenly matched to offer an amazing performance.

raptor r vs ram trx pick-up comparison

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Off-Road

StatsRaptor RTRX
Approach Angle33.1 Degrees30.4 Degrees
Departure Angle24.9 Degrees25 Degrees
Breakover Angle24.4 Degrees25.2 Degrees
Ground Clearance332mm300mm
Water Wading Depth813mm813mm
Wheels & Tyres17-inch & 37-inch18-inch & 35-inch
Suspension Travel13-inch (F) & 14.1-inch (R)13-inch (F) & 14-inch (R)
Locking DiffElectronic RearElectronic Rear

The off-road abilities of these two trucks are very similar. Off-road angles are largely the same, however, the Raptor R gets slightly better ground clearance. Both Ford and RAM have equipped their trucks with a host of rider electronics including a full-fledge terrain management system to help these trucks tackle offroad effortlessly. The on-demand 4×4 transfer case, combined with the potent engines on these trucks, is fully capable of conquering any terrain that nature might present.

The wheel and tyre setup on the Raptor R is also better with smaller wheels and bigger tyres you are sure to get a more comfortable ride. Speaking about the comfort, the F-150 gets Fox-tuned suspension, while the TRX gets Bilsteins right from the factory. The suspension travel is also the same. But, and this a big one, the TRX does have a stiffer setup as compared to the Raptor R. On that note, we will give this to the F-150 for being a good overall SUV.

raptor r vs ram trx pick-up comparison

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Safety

Safety FeaturesRaptor RTRX
Trailer AssistYesOptional
ISOFIX AnchorsYesYes
360-degree CameraYesYes
ADASLevel 2+Level 2

Ford has crammed the F-150 Raptor R with all the possible safety features as standard including their latest driver assistance systems. The TRX is a safe pick-up too, but with lesser equipment as standard. This section goes to the Ford F-150 Raptor R.

raptor r vs ram trx pick-up comparison

Ford F-150 Raptor R vs Ram TRX: Price

Finally down to the pricing, and this is where things will get really interesting. For most sections in this comparison, the F-150 Raptor R has been our choice as it is a good overall car as compared to the TRX. There is a good reason for that because of its high price tag of over AED 670,000.

In comparison, the RAM TRX carries a starting price tag of over AED 430,000 and proposes immense value for money. There is a good reason for that too, because the TRX does come with a smaller list of standard features as compared to the Raptor R. In the end, it comes down to what would one prefer to choose: a hardcore pick-up with functional equipment on offer or a convenient and comfortable overall car.

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