2020 Honda HRV, funky fresh

2020 Honda HRV

MIA for a few years, the 2020 Honda HRV triumphantly returned last year to much fanfare in the UAE. With sleek styling and an incredibly economical engine, the HRV is part of one of the most congested and competitive segments on the planet; the compact crossover.

And with more and more brands jumping in on these affordable vehicles for the masses, the HRV has a lot to prove, and with crisp lines, it seems to be doing the trick. But is that enough for you to consider jumping behind the wheel or do rivals offer a better package?

We’ve been missing out on the HRV as it was only re-introduced for the 2019 model year here in the GCC. The last time we saw it in the UAE, the Honda HRV was a box on wheels with a questionable spoiler bolted to the roof.

A huge shout out to Honda UAE for letting us jump behind the wheel. If you want to make room in your garage for the 2020 HRV, sell your car faster with Dubicars.

Now that’s been covered, join is and let’s find out if the Honda 2020 HRV is worth your time.

The good

  • Fuel economy
  • Rear seat space
  • Exterior styling

The bad

  • Infotainment system features
  • Rear seatbelt placement
  • Not very fast
2020 Honda HRV

Driving the 2020 Honda HRV

Front-wheel drive is the only drive you’ll get out of the HRV lineup so don’t expect to be navigating the dunes in it. On the plus side, you get a high-riding compact crossover with hatchback handling and minimal body roll.

Drive comes courtesy of a fuel-efficient 1.8-litre four-cylinder connected to a CVT gearbox; this is where the HRV excels. It might not feel quick when you put your foot down, but what you will get is an impressive 10.9 km/l.

Despite its small size, the HRV doesn’t get pushed around on the highway by larger vehicles and road noise cancellation is adequate.

2020 Honda HRV

Outside the 2020 Honda HRV

Honda’s styling cues are evident with the HRV as the model boasts the brands signature front grille flanked with powerful headlights with DRL’s.

Lines are elegant and flow without interruption. What captivated us the most, are the hidden rear door handles that fit perfectly into the bodywork and give the vehicle a coupe appearance.

The alloy rims are a tasteful addition and add to the HRV’s character.

2020 Honda HRV

Inside the 2020 Honda HRV

Seating is available for five, and for a compact crossover, the HRV is comfortable and spacious. Despite its budget-friendly price, the cabin is filled with softer materials

The cabin is neat and tidy. It’s simple; just the way we like it as everything is clearly marked and you don’t fiddle with a number of buttons to figure out what everything does.

Off all the features inside, three stood out in particular. On the passenger side dashboard is a row of air-con vents, unlike any car. Instead of having one on either side, there’s just a bar blowing cold air towards your face.

Then there is the a/c control unit itself. When the car is off, it disappears, but turn the car on, the backlit digital display brightens up and replaces the traditional dials and buttons.

Last but not least, is the panoramic sunroof. Very few of the HRV’s rivals offer such a feature and its a welcome one all around.

The boot is sizeable and offers ample room for a weekly trip to the shops. For larger loads, the rear seats can be folded flat.

2020 Honda HRV

Safety & Tech

In the tech department, the 2020 HRV needs improvement. It does have a touchscreen interface, USB and HDMI port, but in terms of actual tech, there isn’t much to go around.

The multifunction steering wheel serves its purpose and houses controls for cruise control and audio functions. Behind are paddle shifters that are not needed but a nice touch.

On the safety front, Honda’s ingenious right-side camera is not present, but the HRV does come with a rear camera and rear parking sensors. It comes with front airbags, ABS, ESP and TMPS too.

2020 Honda HRV

Final Verdict

The 2020 Honda HRV may have been a late arrival in the UAE’s compact crossover segment, but at least it is fashionably late. Yes, the model lacks in a few areas, but the 2020 HRV makes up for it with generous fuel economy and looks.

We say it’s one to consider!

2020 Honda HRV price in UAE: Starting at AED 64,000.

Photo credit: Rajitha Perera (Dubicars)

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