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Exporting a car from the UAE in 3 easy steps

Peace of mind for $399
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1. Find a car to export

Export search
We help sell 5,000 export cars every month. They move fast, so get searching!
If you’re a dealer contact us

2. Pay for ExportSafe

Export inspection
170-point car inspection + video - independent report
Download a sample report
Export customs
All customs and ownership paperwork taken care of
Export assistance
Personal assistance and liaison with the seller
Export payment
Secure payment for the car via our $USD holding account

3. Save, ship & track

Export shipping
Save 5-10% on shipping. Our exclusive deals are with quality partners. We arrange all the logistics too.
Export tracking
Track your car online across the globe to home
Why us?
Travelling to Dubai?
At Dubi Cars we work with lots of trusted dealers, so if you are dealing with them directly, please ensure you ask them what services they provide to ensure they can export to you safely.
Always ensure:
  • The car is inspected
  • Vehicle Spec is right for your country
  • Accident history is checked
  • Customs and paperwork is accurate
Handles all the hassle!
We check the car inspected is the one shipped
5 years as a business handling major transactions
Experts check the car is eligible for your country
We do a 170-point inspection and history check
Our service includes all the transfer paperwork

We can help if you, or someone you know, is coming to Dubai

Sending a relative or friend or coming yourself?

Our local Dubai office is here to help. We’ve helped many export buyers import a car to their country safely:

We’ll arrange appointments with dealers
Inspect the car
Help with the transfer of ownership and shipping
We make sure it’s safe all the way through from inspection to transaction and making sure it’s the same car is loaded for shipping

If you’re in Dubai book an appointment or contact us:

These contacts are for appointments in Dubai only, we cannot provide quotes for Export on these contacts. If you would like our ExportSafe service, please pay here.

Export assistance

Call or WhatsApp on:

+971 55 370 4819

Email on: [email protected]


9.30 AM - 5 PM

  • 9 reasons to trust ExportSafe
    1. We’ve been operating in Dubai for 5 years
    2. Here’s our trade licence
    3. Independent inspections through an impartial partners
    4. We don’t own the car so we give you an independent service
    5. We handle $100,000s every month on behalf of customers
    6. We have e a $USD bank holding account for secure transfer
    7. You can pay by PayPal 100% securely
    8. We’ve delivered cars to customers across the world. Read their story
    9. Our established shipping partners mean we get you the best shipping rates for safe, quality transport
  • 5 risks of not importing a used car safely
    1. Payment for the car goes missing and you have no way of getting your money back

      Dubi Cars ExportSafe: We have been in the UAE for 5 years as a registered business. Our USD bank account with EmiratesNBD is secure, trusted and we only release funds to the seller when you’re happy with the paperwork.
    2. You may be buying an accident vehicle without knowing it.

      Dubi Cars ExportSafe: Our 170-point inspection is not only visual but through the vehicle’s computer. We also check paintwork and the car history to see if there are any accidents or flood damage.
    3. Mileage of the car could be altered which may affect the value of the car

      Dubi Cars ExportSafe: We computer check and check the car’s history as well as use experienced, independent inspection experts.
    4. Wrong specification or origin of the car can cause issues at the customs in your country and can result in difficulties to register the car.

      Dubi Cars ExportSafe: Before we even inspect the car, we tell you if the car is eligible for import to your country.
    5. Incorrect export or shipping paperwork may result in the car won't pass through customs

      Dubi Cars ExportSafe: Our shipping partner makes sure you have all the necessary transfer of ownership, insurance and customs paperwork before departure.
  • Importing to KSA? Read this first
      Saudi Arabia regulations for importing a car have changed in the last 12 months. Here’s what you need to know:

      • Only GCC and Accident-Free imported cars are allowed in KSA.
      • Cars within 5 years old have more 15% VAT
      • Cars exported to KSA must be V6 or less.
      • We have 48 hours transit time and the car could reaches your doorstep.
      • We assist with custom clearance and Wakala at additional cost.

Export FAQs

  • What is the shipping price?
    It varies by port, method (container or RoRo) and size of car. Here’s a link to our shipping calculator if you want an estimate.
  • What if the inspection fails?
    We try to prevent this by asking the seller about the car first and giving you a first assessment of the car before the inspection takes place. However, sometimes inspections do come back with issues on cars. Every inspection comes with a fair assessment of what is wrong with the car and approximately what needs to be done to repair it. You can then decide what to do.

    Some people still ship the car because it is still cheaper to repair in their country. Or you can decide not to buy the car. In this instance, you will have the option to pay for another inspection of another car at a cheaper rate. Our personal assistant will advise you.
  • What if I decide to buy another car?
    There will be a payment for our service per car.
  • How do I pay for the car safely?
    You can pay safely to our $USD account or through PayPal, or by credit card. There’s a 5% charge for PayPal and 4% for credit card usage.
  • Are you a car dealer?
    We are not a dealer. We’re Independent, we don’t own the car.
  • What are the guarantees?
    • We’ve been operating in Dubai for 5 years
    • Here’s our trade licence
    • Independent inspections through an impartial partners
    • We don’t own the car so we give you an independent service
    • We handle $100,000s every month on behalf of customers
    • We have e a $USD bank holding account for secure transfer
    • You can pay by PayPal 100% securely
    • We’ve delivered cars to customers across the world. Read their story
    • Our established shipping partners mean we get you the best shipping rates for safe, quality transport
  • Can I get a refund if I don’t buy a car?
    No. We will have already engaged our services and incurred cost.
  • What about customs, duty, VAT and clearance?
    We take car of all the paperwork from shipping, customs, transfer of ownership. All we ask of you is that you:
    1. Find a clearing agent (here’s a country-by-country guide)
    2. Have your passport copy, bank details and bank statements ready
    3. Get your bank to agree any financial arrangements (credit, loans, etc.) in advance so you can move quickly.
  • I’m a dealer - can I export in bulk?
    We have a specialist in B2B and bulk exporting. Please contact us here

From Angola to Australia

What our customers say

“I found your service easy to used with very professional individual that remotely has assisted me on everything. In near future I would use dubicars again and I have been recommending and refer to many friends!”
Mario Antonio, Angola, VW Tiguan
“I received the vehicles and I just wanted to say thank you to the Dubi Cars team - great job.”
Emmanuel, Ghana, Land Rover Discovery
“A reliable and secure business. Your cooperation was great. I wish you every success.”
Adel, KSA, Mercedes S550
“The services were superb. I was very happy with your patience to go through all the various requests for inspections and the free inspection of the discovery sport. The payment option was smooth and very promptly confirmed. I am also happy for the way the shipping was handled, the vehicles arrived without a single container dent. I will recommend to anyone who wants to import cars from abroad to choose DUBICARS.”
Yawson, Ghana, Mercedes Benz GL500

Meet the team

Dubicars team

Dubai’s leading car marketplace for 5 years

Your Export Experts

Nada Waheeda

Our mission is making car buying and selling a joy.

Nada and her highly experienced team can advise on:

  • Car specifications required for your country
  • Tax/customs regulations
  • Best shipping options and rates
  • For just $399 you also get two inspections
export inspection
+ Video

Check out our Export Guide

  • * All prices are estimates and can vary. Please contact us for a quote.
  • * Subject to Terms and Conditions
  • * Depending on service can be matched as quoted by another company