2020 Mercedes A35 AMG Sedan; the budget-friendly AMG

Earlier this year, we took the A35 AMG Hatchback for a spin, and we had an absolute blast despite only enjoying it for a few hours. Over Eid Al Adha, we took the 2020 Mercedes A35 AMG sedan out for the long weekend.

And what a weekend it was!

The compact saloon offers a ride like no other, and very few can even compare to what the A35 AMG has to offer. It may appear small, but it’s big on character both inside and out.

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With all out of the way, join us and let’s see what this performance derived sedan can do.

The good

  • Fuel economy
  • Looks
  • Power

The bad

  • Stiff suspension
  • Boot space
  • Three is a bit of a squeeze

Driving the 2020 Mercedes A35 AMG sedan

Just like the hatchback, the sedan is incredibly fun to drive. It’s nimble through the corners and sticks to the road as if there was super glue stuck to the tyres. The throttle response is fast even in Comfort and Individual modes and only increases in Sport and Sport+.

Ride quality is stiff, and there isn’t a way to change how soft the suspension should be.

With four drive modes available, no matter which one you choose, the A35 AMG emanates a beautiful soundtrack. It’s tamer in Comfort, but switch over to either of the Sports modes, and you’ll want to keep the radio off and the windows down.

Creating all that noise is a 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo motor with over 300 horsepower resonating through the exhaust system. Mercedes’s signature 4Matic all-wheel-drive system keeps the car steady and adds to the fun.

And as long as you keep your foot off the pedal half of the time, the A35 is economical.

2020 Mercedes A35 AMG

Outside the 2020 Mercedes A35 AMG Sedan

Compared to the hatchback, the sedan is a little more subtle. It still has the same front winglets, but the spoiler is smaller and sits firmly on the boot lid.

It may look like the CLS 350 from the front, at the back is where the A35 AMG stands out. The boot and spoiler are nice and all, but it’s the double rear diffuser that gives the A-Class AMG its hardcore image.

Business in the front, party in the back.

2020 Mercedes A35 AMG

Inside the 2020 Mercedes A35 AMG Sedan

There’s no difference between the hatchback, and the saloon and with all top-level Mercedes, the A35 sedan gets the latest MBUX system complete with a dual-screen setup.

As for the seats, each one is covered in plush leather and to our surprise are actually comfortable. You can’t move them around as much as in other AMG models but at least they aren’t manual.

The rear bench is a tighter squeeze and is smaller compared to the hatchback due to the sedans sloping roofline. It’s not a terribly tight squeeze at least for two. Three is a bit of a stretch.

There’s a lot of features to go around, and they’re all neatly packed and easy to use. If you don’t feel like reaching out, use the steering wheel controls. If you prefer a laid back approach, rest your hand on the rest and use the trackpad.

2020 Mercedes A35 AMG

Safety & Tech

All the usual suspects are here in terms of safety, and the vehicle loves to alert you about anything it deems dangerous and could cause harm to the vehicle. It can be frustrating at times, but the internal system is just doing what it thinks it’s right. Don’t fight it, just let it be.

Visibility is acceptable you do get a clear-ish view of your surroundings when turning your head. And for those harder spots, the blind spot system and cameras will be your eyes.

Both media screens are vibrant, and crisp with minimal lag. Icons are large and easy to read and if you want to customise the way the two look, you can with a few button presses.

2020 Mercedes A35 AMG

Final Verdict

Much like the hatchback, the A35 sedan is a welcome addition to the AMG family and does make the performance-tuned variants slightly more affordable. It also happens to be the most fuel economical AMG currently available and cost just AED 50 to fill the tank halfway.

If you’re looking for an economical AMG, this is the car for you!

2020 Mercedes A35 AMG Sedan price in UAE: Starting from AED 220,000.

Photo credit: Rajitha Perera (Dubicars)

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