2020 Mini Ramadan Deals

2020 Mini Ramadan Deals

AGMC, the official distributor for Mini, BMW and Rolls Royce vehicles in Dubai, has revealed their 2020 Mini Ramadan deals. Offering four unique packages named after popular Ramadan treats, there is a little something for everyone.

What are the 2020 Mini Ramadan Deals?

The Umm Ali Package includes one year free registration and insurance, as well as four years of zero per cent finance on 2020 models.

The Kunafa package doesn’t include the free insurance, but does have other benefits includes a service package for four years or 80,000km and a repair package for four years or 200,000km.

The Baklava package includes a zero per cent finance rate for five years plus one year of free registration.

Last of all is the Luqimat package, this pack includes a range of benefits including free service package for either five years or 100,000km, free repair package for either five years or 200,000km and one year free insurance and registration.

A leasing package is also available with monthly installments of AED 1,495. It includes protection against involuntary job loss.

Contact Mini UAE

To find out more, you can call 800 2462 or you can visit their website.

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