Ramadan Car Offers Dubai 2020

Soon, the holy month of Ramadan will be upon us, and if you’ve been in the UAE for a few years, you’ll know its a great time to buy a car as almost all new and used car dealers have Ramadan car offers.

These can range from huge discounts on passenger cars, service contracts, free registration, free insurance on select products and best of all, chances to win even bigger.

With the Holy Month of Ramadan set to commence on the 24th of April 2020, Ramadan Deals are starting to roll in.

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2020 Ramadan car offers

2020 Automall Ramadan Deals

Al Futtaim Automall

Win up to AED 25,000 on car purchases this Ramadan will Al-Futtaim Automall. Choose from over 1,200 certified pre-owned vehicles plus exclusive offers on over 400 of them.

Learn more about 2020 Automall Ramadan Deals

2020 Al Kady Ramadan Deals

Al Kady Cars

Until the end of Ramadan, Al Kady Cars is offering 5-years/unlimited kilometres warranty, SALIK, window tinting, ceramic coating and registration deals.

They are also offering special discounts on 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Grand Touring SUV’s with everything mentioned above plus 30km service contract.

A similar offer is available on 2020 Nissan Sunny with 180 day deferred payment and home delivery.

Search Al Kady Cars here

2020 Al Masaood Ramadan Deals

Al Masaood Automobiles

Currently, Al Masaood Automobiles in Abu Dhabi is offering free insurance on certified pre-owned Nissan, Renault and Infiniti 2018 models. Plus more benefits.

Learn more about 2020 Al Masaood Ramadan Deals

2020 Alba Cars Ramadan Offer

Alba Cars

Available on select used cars this Ramadan, Alba Cars is offering free registration, Salik and window tinting plus 2-years warranty, 50% off service contracts and free home delivery.

Search Alba Cars Ramadan Offers

2020 Aston Martin Ramadan Deals

Aston Martin

Aston Martin UAE is offering sings this Ramadan on the Vantage model. Starting at AED 550,000, you also receive 3-years warranty and more.

Learn more about 2020 Aston Martin Ramadan Deals

2020 Audi Ramadan Deals


Audi Middle East are offering unbeatable offers on select Audi vehicles this Ramadan including the sophisticated Audi A8 Saloon car.

Learn more about 2020 Audi Ramadan Deals

2020 Autoroute ramadan deals


Autoroute is offering exclusive offers on certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles starting at as low as AED 1,699 per month.

They are also offering special Ramadan Lease packages on select 2020 Mercedes-Benz and Jeep models.

Learn more about 2020 Autoroute Ramadan Deals

2020 Autotrust Ramadan deals


Autotrust is offering a wide range of benefits on countless used cars for sale via the dealership.

Benefits include 1-year extended warranty, 3-free services and more.

Learn more about 2020 Autotrust Ramadan Deals

2020 Bentley Ramadan Deals


This Holy Month, Al Habtoor Motors and Bentley are offering special deals on the Continental GT and Bentayga SUV with 5-year warranty packages.

Learn more about 2020 Bentley Ramadan Deals

2020 BMW Ramadan deals


AGMC is offering three packages for customers to choose from the Ramadan.

Package benefit from zero per cent down payment, service contracts and more on select models including the luxurious 7-series, M8 and X7 plus more.

Learn more about 2020 BMW Ramadan Deals

2020 Cadillac Ramadan Deals


Al Ghandi is offering customers a wide range of benefits for both those who want to buy and those who want to lease a new Cadillac this Ramadan.

Learn more about 2020 Cadillac Ramadan Deals

Challenger Cars

Challenger Cars Sharjah

Based in Souq Al Haraj Sharjah, Challenger cars is offering free insurance and passing on all of their pre-owned cars.

Search Challenger Cars Ramadan deals here

2020 Chevrolet Ramadan Deals


Save big on select new Chevrolet vehicles this Ramadan. Bin Hoomdah is also offering three special packages to choose from on the Chevrolet Malibu.

Learn more about 2020 Chevrolet Ramadan Deals

2020 Chrysler Ramadan Offers


Chrysler UAE and Trading Enterprises are offering great deals across the Chrysler range with prices starting as low as AED 2,229 per month.

Learn more about 2020 Chrysler Ramadan Deals

2020 Dodge Ramadan Deals


Buying a new Dodge Charger, Challenger or Durango this Ramadan will net you a range of benefits including free insurance and assured cash back.

Trading Enterprises are currently offering new customers to get behind the wheel of a new Dodge for as low as AED 1,769.

Learn more about 2020 Dodge Ramadan Deals

Drive Motors

On select used cars, Drive Motors is offering free registration, free tinting, 0% down payment, free 10,000km service and free vehicle test throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

On higher priced vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne GTS, they are even offering a free iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Search Drive Motors Ramadan Offers

2020 Fiat and Abarth Ramadan Deals

Fiat and Abath

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, National Auto is offering to pay the full down payment for select Fiat 500 models and the Abarth 595 Competition lineup.

They are also offering customers guaranteed buy-back within three years for Fiat and Abarth vehicles.

Learn more about 2020 Fiat and Abarth Ramadan Deals

First Choice Used Cars TR

With a wide selection confused cars for sale in Sharjah, First Choice Used Cars TR is offering free registration, free insurance and free window tinting on every vehicle available.

They are also offering a special incentive of cash buyers giving them an exclusive 5% discount.

Search First Choice Used Cars TR Ramadan Deals

2020 Ford Ramadan deals


Only Dubai based showrooms and service centres on Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Barsha are open while showrooms open in other Emirates remain operational, Al Tayer Motors has over 300 pre-owned vehicles for sale.

Customers can request to see and test drive the vehicles from their doorsteps.

Additionally, the Ramadan offers includes complimentary VAT, zero down payment and more.

Learn more about 2020 Ford Ramadan Deals

2020 Galadari Pre-Owned Ramadan Deals

Galadari Pre-Owned

Get a certified pre-owned 2018 Mazda 3 starting at just AED 37,500 plus get loads of extras this Ramadan.

Learn more about 2020 Galadari Pre-Owned Ramadan Deals

GTA Cars 2020 Ramadan Offers

GTA Cars

Over the period of Ramadan 2020, GTA Cars are offering 1-year free warranty, free registration and Salik, free window tinting, free home delivery and free vehicle sanitising and detailing on select pre-owned vehicles.

Search GTA Cars Ramadan Offers

2020 Gargash Enterprises Ramadan Deals

Gargash Enterprises

When buying certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz from Gargash Enterprises, reap the benefits including deferred payments, 0% finance rates and more.

Learn more about 2020 Gargash Enterprises Ramadan Deals

2020 Gargash Purple Ramadan Deals

Gargash Purple

Save big with Gargash Purple on select Alfa Romeo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles 2018 and 2019 models this Ramadan.

Learn more about 2020 Gargash Purple Ramadan Deals

2020 Genesis Ramadan Deals


Juma Al Majid Establishment is offering new Genesis customers guaranteed discounts and 5-year warranty on select Genesis vehicles this Ramadan.

Learn more about 2020 Genesis Ramadan Deals

2020 Ghassan Aboud Ramadan Deals

Ghassan Aboud Used Cars

Ghassan Aboud in the UAE has unmatched prices this Ramadan on select used cars from big brands including Infiniti, Kia, Nissan, Chevrolet, Toyota and more.

Avail more than just matched prices with their 10 offers package which includes zero per cent down payment, low-interest rates, free warranty and more. They are also offering cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting as part of the deal.

Find 2020 Ghassan Aboud Ramadan Offers

2020 GMC Ramadan Deals


Get up to AED 20,000 when trading your old car in for a new GMC vehicle this Ramadan. Plus get 5-years extended warranty and more.

Learn more about 2020 GMC Ramadan Deals

2020 Haval Ramadan Deals


Haval UAE is offering up to AED 10,000 discounts on all SUV models this Ramadan. Other incentives include 5-year warranty and a special Ramadan gift.

Learn more about 2020 Haval Ramadan Deals

2020 Honda Ramadan Deals


Get up to 5-years warranty and free insurance on select Honda models during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Getting behind the wheel of a new Honda starts at just AED 799 per month

Learn more about 2020 Honda Ramadan deals

2020 Hyundai Ramadan Deals


During the Holy Month, Hyundai UAE is offering guaranteed discounts on the entire Hyundai range plus get up to 5-years of servicing contract and more.

Learn more about 2020 Hyundai Ramadan Deals

2020 Infiniti Ramadan deals

Infiniti UAE

Enjoy free insurance and free registration this Ramadan on select Infiniti models including the powerful QX80 SUV and Q50 saloon.

Arabian Automobiles is also offering free pick and drop off.

Al Masaood in Abu Dhabi is offering different deals including buy now, pay in 2021 on a larger selection of Infiniti vehicles.

Learn more about 2020 Infiniti Ramadan Deals

2020 Jaguar Ramadan Deals


Buying a new Jaguar has never been better! This Ramadan, get up to 20% down payment assist on select Jaguar models as well as complimentary roadside assistance.

Learn more about 2020 Jaguar Ramadan Deals

2020 Jeep Ramadan Deals


Both Western Motors and Trading Enterprises are offering lucrative deals on new Jeep models this Ramadan along with fantastic bonuses including 5-year warranty and free fuel.

Learn more about 2020 Jeep Ramadan Deals

2020 Kia Ramadan Deals


Save up to AED 20,000 on select Kia models during Ramadan 2020. New customers can also enjoy up to 6-months deferred payments and hassle-free bank approvals.

Learn more about 2020 Kia Ramadan Deals

2020 Lincoln Ramadan Deals


Avail all sorts of offers this Ramadan on the entire Lincoln lineup including the sophisticated Continental and luxurious Navigator.

Get up to 20% cash back on select models and free 5-year warranty plans.

Learn more about 2020 Lincoln Ramadan Deals

2020 Lexus Ramadan car deal


Al-Futtaim and Lexus are offering up to 20% down payment assist on all models this Ramadan along with the incentive of more offers when visiting the showroom.

Prices start as low as AED 1,599 per month for a new Lexus vehicle.

Learn more about 2020 Lexus Ramadan deals

2020 Lotus Ramadan deals


Adamas Motors and Lotus have a fantastic Countdown offer giving customers an unbeatable price on select Lotus vehicles.

Low finance rates starting at just AED 2,999 per month.

Learn more about 2020 Lotus Ramadan Deals

2020 Mazda Ramadan Deals

Mazda UAE

Looking for a Mazda SUV this Ramadan? Al Galadari has the best deals in town with the stylish CX-9 SUV starting at just AED 2,399. Get up to 5-years free insurance and more.

Learn more about 2020 Mazda Ramadan Deals

2020 MG Ramadan Deals


MG Motors is one of a handful of manufactures offering UAE customers the option to buy now and pay in 2021. But that’s not the only lucrative deal they have for Ramadan this year.

Learn more about 2020 MG Ramadan Deals

2020 Mercedes-Benz Ramadan Deals


Save up to AED 100,000 on select Mercedes-Benz models this model and enjoy five-year or 105,000 km warranty. What can beat that? You pay the first payment in 2021!

Learn more about 2020 Mercedes-Benz Ramadan Deals

Milele Motors Ramadan Offers

Milele Motors

Based in Ducamz next to the Al Aweer Auto Market, Milele Motors is currently running a Ramadan promotion on two vehicles and are offering huge discounts of up to 50% on the two cars.

Milele Motors are offering Ramadan discounts on the Mercedes-Benz S450 and the Suzuki Jimny.

2020 Mini Ramadan Deals


For the Holy Month of Ramadan, AGMC Mini has sweetened the deal for mini customers with four unique packages offering a wide variety of benefits.

Select benefits include free registration, free insurance, service contracts, repair contracts and more.

Learn more about 2020 Mini Ramadan deals.

2020 Mitsubishi Ramadan Deals


Drive free for one year with Mitsubishi SUV’s starting at AED 885 and get free insurance and registration.

Learn more about 2020 Mitsubishi Ramadan Deals

2020 Nissan Ramadan Deals

Nissan UAE

For the Holy Month of Ramadan, Nissan UAE is offering one year of free insurance and registration and three years of maintenance, cashback and down payment support.

The offer is valid on all 2020 Nissan models including the updated Patrol.

Learn more about 2020 Nissan Ramadan Deals

2020 Peugeot Ramadan deals

Peugeot UAE

Peugeot UAE has announced extraordinary deals this Ramadan. Customers can avail, extended warranty packages, roadside assistance services, Ramadan gifts and more.

Available on the seductive award-winning 508 saloon car and 7-seater 5008, buyers don’t even need to leave the house thanks to Peugeot’s Valet service.

Learn more about 2020 Peugeot Ramadan Deals

2020 Porsche Ramadan Deals


Porsche Abu Dhabi and Dubai are offering a wide range of benefits on select Porsche vehicles this Ramadan and are running a Buy no, pay in 2021 package.

Learn more about 2020 Porsche Ramadan Deals

2020 Ram Ramadan Deals


Trading Enterprises and RAM UAE are offering competitive prices RAM 1500 pickup trucks during the Holy Month starting as low as AED 2,459.

Additional bonuses when buying a new car include 5-year service contracts and more.

Learn more about 2020 Ram Ramadan Deals

2020 Range Rover Ramadan Deals

Range Rover

Save up to AED 50,000 on the Range Rover lineup this Ramadan with Al Tayer and Premier Motors. Both dealerships are offering 5-year maintenance plans and more.

Learn more about 2020 Range Rover Ramadan Deals

2020 Renault Ramadan Deals

Renault UAE

Both Al Masaood and Arabian Automobiles have their own unique deals for customers across the UAE.

Get up to AED 50,000 on a brand new Renault this Ramadan or get 5 years or unlimited mileage when buying at Al Masaood.

Dubai, Sharjah And Northern Emirates customers can choose between three special deals.

Learn more about 2020 Renault Ramadan Deals

RMA Motors Ramadan Offers

RMA Motors

Throughout the Holy Month, RMA Motors is offering Ramadan reward packages with over AED 10,000 worth of goodies on select used cars.

The unique package includes AED2,000 cashback, free registration, free anti-virus AC treatment and more.

Search RMA Motors Ramadan Offers

2020 Skoda Ramadan Deals


Ali & Sons are offering 5-years unlimited mileage warranty across select Skoda models plus free registration and insurance.

Learn more about 2020 Skoda Ramadan Deals

2020 Subaru Ramadan Deals


Save on all new Subaru cars this Ramadan with Al Khooy Automobiles and get 20% down payment support and free service up to 3-years.

Learn more about 2020 Subaru Ramadan Deals

2020 Suzuki Ramadan Deals


Buying a new Suzuki vehicle this Ramadan will not just nut you free insurance, you can also avail additional options for free when buying your car.

Learn more about 2020 Suzuki Ramadan Deals

2020 Swaidan Motors Ramadan Deals

Swaidan Motors

Delightful deals from Swaidan Motors just Ramadan plus a range of benefits including free warranty and up to 3-month deferred payments.

Certified pre-owned pre-owned vehicles starting at AED 12,500.

Learn more about 2020 Swaidan Motors Ramadan Deals

2020 Toyota Ramadan deals


Start your new journey with Toyota this Ramadan and reap the benefits of four-year service contracts, rewards cards and more.

Avail the ultra-affordable Toyota Commercial Lease Program which is available for all Small and Medium businesses. And for new car buyers, Toyota is offering an exclusive Peace of Mind Protection Plan.

Learn more about 2020 Toyota Ramadan deals

2020 Volkswagen Ramadan Deals


During the Holy Month of Ramadan, buying a new Volkswagen car can net you up to 7-years warranty on select models, free roadside assistance and 1-year registration.

Learn more about 2020 Volkswagen Ramadan Deals

2020 Volvo Ramadan Cars Deals


Trading Enterprises is offering all new Volvo customers up to 3-months deferred on select Volvo cars this Ramadan.

With their ‘tailored’ made packages, buying a new Volvo during the Holy Month is as low as AED 2,299.

Learn more about 2020 Volvo Ramadan deals

2019 Ramadan Deals

Al Futtaim Motors

During the holy month of Ramadan last year, Al Futtaim offered everyone AED 10,000 cashback (in gift vouchers) on a selection of Toyota models while also taking care of 10 percent down payment for customers on select vehicles.

The gift cards could be used at IKEA, ACE and Al-Futtaim travel where cardholders would also receive additional discounts.

Customers interested in a Lexus could choose between three discounts including down payment assistance of up to 20 per cent, monthly prices starting from AED 1,800 or additional trade-in value of up to AED 15,000.

Honda customers would receive a free upgrade across select models. As an example, customers looking to purchase an HR-V DX (AED 69,900), they will instead get an upgrade to HR-V LX.

Volvo customers could also benefit from a variety of deals thanks to the “Receive More This Ramadan” promotion. During this time, Volvo customers would receive three-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

Al Ghandi Auto

Chevrolet customers could look forward to savings of up to AED 55,000 on a new Chevrolet.

Chevrolet also worked closely with online car selling platforms which could help customers sell their car and give them savings of AED 3,000 when buying a new car from Chevrolet.

GMC offered discounts of up to AED 40,000 depending on the model. Offers include service and warranty packages of up to five years/100,000 km.

Al Habtoor Motors

Deals on Mitsubishi products were huge in 2019 with the Japanese manufacturer giving away AED 10,000 to 100 customers each for a total of AED 1 million cashback.

The promotion was valid on Pajero, Montero Sport, ASX, Lancer, Attarage and Eclipse Cross models. Customers would also benefit from the “drive free for a year” promotion which includes free petrol, Salik and service.

Al Naboodah

Audi offered special rates during Ramadan 2019 starting at AED 1,024.

On top of that, customers would receive up to five years service contract, five years unlimited mileage, five years roadside assistance and complementary first-year registration on selected models throughout the month.

As for Volkswagen, Dubai and Northern Emirates customers could avail seven years or 105,000 kilometres free servicing, five years unlimited mileage warranty, 0 per cent interest payment support with Emirates NBD and a trade-in bonus of up to AED 5,000.

Al Tayer Motors

Those who had their eye on the desert hungry Ford Raptor would receive 10 per cent down payment. Ford Edge customers could look forward to 20 per cent.


For BMW cars, AGMC offered 0 per cent finance as well as free insurance and registration. BMW and Mini lifestyle accessories were also available with a 40% discount.

Gazelle Storm, Navara Gazelle

Arabian Automobiles

“This Ramadan choosing is a blessing” from Arabian Automobiles offered a choice of a prime package which includes a service package, free insurance fuel and registration), a finance package (free down payment assistance) or an upgrade package (free specification upgrade and a travel voucher).

What about 2020 Ramadan car offer?

As we mentioned earlier, 2020 Ramadan car offers are expected to be announced soon with identical or similar offers available. We could also see other great offerings including;

  • Payment assistance
  • Free insurance on select models
  • Service and maintenance packages
  • Warranty and roadside assistance
  • 20 per cent deals
  • And much more

Dubicars has new and used cars for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.


  1. Hello iam in somalia specifically in hargeisa may i help you for exporting cars in somalia specially toyota car in berbera port

  2. Hello, i am from Asia, particularly bhutan a neighbor of india. What is cost of shipping and the actual landing price of revo hilux. Will it be possible to get all comprehensive papers. Thank you.
    Best regards!

  3. Hello, i am Asia, particularly bhutan a neighbor of india. What is cost of shiting and the actual landing price of revo hilux. Thank you.
    Best regards!

    April 25, 2020 at 4:06 am

    Dear all,

    We are interrested by CHEVROLET, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, NISSAN new brand cars. Is it possible to work with you for exporting in our country WALLIS AND FUTUNA ISLAND ?

    If is okay for you, I’ll sending you model by each brand we wants for quote.

    In advanced thank you very much

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