7 Common Car Alerts In The UAE That Will Take You By Surprise

Car owners in the UAE more often than not find themselves facing some issues. These alerts or issues are a common occurrence in cars. However, some of us do give up on our cars, and sob uncontrollably at the ill fate. 

In this guide, we list 7 common car alerts and issues that are faced by cars in the UAE. It is time for car owners in the UAE to attain inner peace with this guide and learn different ways to tackle this problem.

Sudden Death of Car Battery

A dead car battery and stranded next to the road is a common site in the UAE. The scorching temperatures can place immense stress on batteries, accelerating their depletion and shortening their lifespan. 

Consistent exposure to high temperatures weakens the internal components and increases evaporation, leading to sudden failure.

common car alerts


This situation can be easily tackled with a few simple precautions and preparations:

  • Having an active road assistance contract to get your car towed 
  • Keep a few emergency numbers including one from your regular service centre
  • You can avoid sudden failure by checking the health of the battery regularly 

Here are 10 maintenance tips that you should follow to keep your car healthy.

Dead Car Key Battery

Oh dear god, how are we going to open that door? Never mind I have the manual key with the remote. A car key’s battery can go flat and the usual indication is when you notice the unlock/lock range decrease.


  • Most car keys have a battery that is easily replaceable. You can find them in shops at a gas station.
  • However, if this does not solve this common car alert, It is advisable to visit the OEM to examine the issue.
  • Also, in the meantime, you can use the manual key, which is usually provided by the manufacturer.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Alert

Tyre Pressure Monitoring has thrown an error? Is it raining here? The TPMS starts to throw errors when it rains. Due to the effect of temperature suddenly getting hot, the concentration of moisture increases. This sometimes makes the sensors go haywire and would require a reset.


  • Usually, a refill or checking the pressure at a gas station will get rid of the alert.
  • Sometimes it might require a reset, and this can be done by disconnecting and reconnecting the car battery.
  • If the issue persists, then it would require a visit to the service centre.

Air Intake Alert

Sand is a place to have fun, but it’s not for engines. This fine mixture of pure joy might block the very thing that your car requires to move about. A blocked air intake compromises the engine’s performance with a drop in power. Some cars start throwing an error on the dashboard too.


  • Remove the air box cover and dust off the air filter. This should fix this common car alert in most scenarios.
  • If the issue continues, then you would need to change the air filter completely and this means a visit to the nearest garage.

Want to know how an engine works? Read this guide to know more.

Adjustable Suspension Alert

There are several ways to make yourself look taller and stand above the ground. In the realm of adjustable suspensions, either air or hydraulic is used to control the ride height. A raised suspension of a car, should not be on that list. 

Extensively and frequently changing the ride height can cause this feature to malfunction. The extreme weather condition is another bonus for this feature to go wrong too.

common car alerts


  • Usually, this alert should go away after you let the car cool down for a while. 
  • If the issue continues then, there are chances that it is no longer a common car alert and would require additional analysis.

Transmission Overheat Alert

If you have ever heard the term ‘limp home mode’ appearing on your dashboard, you’ll know what this is about. Overworking the AWD feature on ‘pretend’ SUVs to showcase the dune bashing will overheat the transfer case and result in this alert.

common car alerts


  • Again chilling with your car for a while should get you back on the road. 
  • Also, it is recommended to not continue with spirited driving.

ADAS Alert

The day of Skynet taking over the world is yet to come, and it is not here yet. The driver is still irreplaceable by the machine. Using ADAS, especially during a sand storm or in any poor weather condition, might launch your car off of this planet.

common car alerts


Do not use ADAS features, especially guided cruise control systems, in poor weather conditions.

Bonus Car Alert 

ABS Alert

This one is a doozy. Sometimes this alert could play with your mind. However, an ABS alert on the dashboard sometimes comes on when you are starting your journey. Another reason this could appear is because of overheating the brakes. 

common car alerts


  • The alert should go off after a couple of seconds when the car is on the move.
  • If it does not, then it is most likely a temperature issue, which needs some cool-down time.
  • Still getting the alert? time to visit the OEM service centre for an OBD scan.

All the above common car alerts that one might face in the UAE could startle and surprise you for a bit. However, all of them have an easy solution, and at most times, you and your ride just need to take a breather.

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