Abu Dhabi toll gates to remain free in 2020

Abu Dhabi Toll Gate

Abu Dhabi’s equivalent of Salik was meant to be up and running earlier this year (2020) but will instead aim to start fully operating in 2021.

As per a tweet posted on the official Abu Dhabi Media twitter, commuters driving to and from Abu Dhabi do not have to pay any road tolls.

Initially, a three-month grace period for motorists was implemented to give users who had not a chance to sign up additional time to do so.

Although without a name, the Abu Dhabi toll gates are a network of toll gates situated on four bridges entering and exiting the UAE’s capital.

Instead of using a ‘tag’ to scan and deduct funds from one’s account, the Abu Dhabi version would scan ones license plate.

Although it’s a few months away before the toll gates are switched one, once they are operational, passing underneath a gate will cost AED 4 and will be free on Fridays and public holidays.

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