Chery Motors Reveals Third-Generation PHEV Platform At 2023 Shanghai Auto Show Ahead Of UAE Launch

Chery Motors revealed its third-generation PHEV technology at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. With the new PHEV technology, Chery is showcasing its abilities to adapt and succeed in the era of electrification and intelligent mobility.

Chery Automobile was established in 1997 and the brand started looking into what is now known as ‘New Energy Vehicles’ as early as 1999. New Energy Vehicles include mild hybrid, full hybrid, and pure electric vehicles. 

Chery Auto 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

With the global automotive industry moving towards electric mobility, several Chinese car manufacturers are leading the EV movement and Chery Motors is one of them. At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Chery introduced the third-generation PHEV Platform and called it the beginning of ‘Technology Chery.’

The third-generation PHEV platform makes use of a hybrid-dedicated engine. The ACTECO engine features a miller cycle, a high-efficiency turbocharger, and an intelligent thermal management system. Chery claims its thermal efficiency exceeds 44.5 percent and this could just make it the most efficient hybrid in the Chinese market.

The most notable improvement here comes in the form of the miller cycle engine. Named after its inventor Ralph Miller, a miller cycle engine functions by leaving the intake valves open for a bit longer. This allows some of the air and fuel to leave the cylinder during the first half of the compression stroke. This simply leads to the air and fuel mixture being reused, thereby increasing efficiency.

Chery Thrid Generation PHEV

Chery will be launching the new PHEV platform in the UAE market as well when it relaunches its UAE operations later this year. It is a part of the ‘Greater Middle East Strategy’ implemented by the Chinese brand for expansion across several Middle-Eastern countries. If you’re looking for used Chery cars, here are a few examples of used Chery cars for sale in the UAE.

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