Chevrolet teases all-new 2018 Traverse with a single image

Debuting in 2009 and going virtually unchanged since then, the 2018 Traverse is ready for a refresh, and we’ve got one picture to share with you of what’s to come.

Of course, some changes are instantly recognisable for example the rear end isn’t so circular as current models and the front head lights appear to be slimmer. But many other changes are lurking around in the dark.

The American brand is keeping a tight lip on what’s to come concerning the 2018 Traverse with Chevrolet stating that the vehicle is to feature an all-new look which quite frankly is evident from the one photo they’ve released.

With seating arrangements of up to eight people, the 2018 Traverse is set to offer unbeatable third seat legroom and cargo space to send chills down its rival’s spine.

The golden bowtie also say that the upcoming model will come packed with new technology including D-Optic headlights amongst many more options that shall be revealed on the 9th of January 2017.

Chevrolet has kindly provided when we’ll see the car in full effect which is early next year at the North American Motor Show which is already gaining momentum with the likes of Mercedes showcasing their Night Edition S-Class Coupe.

Power units haven’t been confirmed either, but we expect the V6 3.6-litre motor to return with a potential four cylinder motor joining the pack to drive the front wheels or all four of them.

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