Chinese EV Brand BYD Officially Enters UAE; Partners With Al Futtaim Group’s New Company — Al Futtaim Electric Mobility Co.

Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD has now officially entered the UAE market. On 15 March 2023, BYD officially announced its debut in the UAE, in partnership with Al Futtaim Electric Mobility Co. BYD is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world and its official arrival in the UAE market is good news for those looking at purchasing an EV but do not want a Tesla.

Formed only 20 years ago, BYD quickly learned that electric vehicles were the future and started adopting electrification strategies. Halfway through 2022, BYD announced that it has surpassed Tesla in becoming the largest EV manufacturer in the world, and later in the year, BYD became the first company in the world to sell a record 1.86 million electric vehicles.

Like its rival Tesla, BYD too builds its vehicles in-house from the ground up and this includes the battery, electric motors, controllers, semiconductors, etc. As a result, there is no reliance on other brands for R&D and production. This is something that has resulted in the streamlining of the production system and the results thereof are seen in BYD’s expansion spree.

After dominating the Chinese market, BYD has gone on to lead the EV segment in several other international markets. This includes the European, American, Japanese, and Korean markets where electric mobility is at a quite advanced stage. Now, BYD has officially debuted in the UAE as well.

As aforementioned, in the UAE, BYD has partnered with a new entity called Al Futtaim Electric Mobility Company. This new company is a part of the Al Futtaim Group and was formed to cater to a whole new generation of upcoming electric vehicle buyers. 

Hasan Nergiz, MD of Al Futtaim Electric Mobility Company said, “The new company has been created to address a growing call from global governments, and especially the UAE leadership, to create actionable strategies for sustainable mobility and make a valuable contribution towards Net Zero objectives. e-mobility is the inevitable future, and we must act now to ensure we continue to succeed in this evolving landscape”

He went on to say that the UAE is currently ranked eighth globally in terms of readiness for electric mobility. Hence, it does seem like a good time for an electric mobility brand like BYD to enter the UAE market.

The BYD Han and BYD Att3 were the two models showcased at the launch event in Dubai. However, we expect more BYD products to be launched in the UAE market later this year. BYD might just launch the Tang or e6 in the UAE market. 

BYD (Build Your Dreams) has hopes riding high on its debut in the UAE market and ranks the highest on our list of the Top 10 Chinese Car Brands In The UAE. Will it perform as well as it expects to? Only time would tell. 

However, we can be sure that demand for BYD products is already present in the UAE. Despite BYD officially entering the UAE market now, there are a few units of BYD cars that have been imported previously. Here are a few BYD cars for sale in the UAE. Would you be interested in buying a BYD electric car?

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