Don’t leave your car dirty for too long, it can be impounded

Haven’t moved your car or left it dirty outside for to long? Be warned that both are a fineable offence and can lead to your vehicle being impounded for up to six months.

Dubai Municipality’s (DM) ‘My Vehicle’ campaign focuses on maintaining public safety and notifies vehicle owners that their vehicle impacts public appearance.

This includes vehicles that have not been moved for an extended period of time, damaged and dirty vehicles.

What happens if a car is not moved?

According to DM, the owner of the vehicle will receive an SMS on the registered phone number. A sticker may also be applied to a window noting the owner should move the vehicle with a certain amount of days.

If the vehicle is not moved or cleaned within the allotted time, the vehicle will be towed to a DM scrap yard.

Owners then have six months to retrieve the vehicle and pay a fine of AED 1,381, including municipal fines, storage charges and towing fees.

In case the owner does not retrieve the vehicle within six months, the vehicle will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder.

What happens if a car is not cleaned?

Same as above plus a fine of AED 500.

How to change the mobile number on the registered car in Dubai

Need to change the mobile number attached to your vehicle? You can request the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to update it.

First, you’ll need to call the RTA on 800 90 90 and speak to an agent in the vehicle licensing services department. Provide the vehicle’s number plate plus your Emirates ID number or your date of birth.

Once confirmed, provide the agent with your updated phone number and you’re done. Upon completion, you’ll receive a notification on the new number.

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