Dubai 2000 Ramadan Offers — Free Registration, Warranty, Polishing & Fuel

Dubai 2000 has revealed its Ramadan offers for 2023. The Sharjah-based used car dealership is offering a few freebies with every car purchase. Dubai 2000 is one of the premium used car dealerships in Sharjah. Located at the Souq al Haraj Market, Dubai 2000 has a variety of luxury cars on sale.

Prices start from around AED 85,000 and go all the way to almost AED 500,000. Dubai 2000 believes in selling cars that are in great condition and all of its cars are relatively new with less mileage. The oldest car on sale was only made in 2015. There are several 2022 model-year cars on sale as well.

This Ramadan, Dubai 2000 is offering registration, warranty, polishing, and a full tank of fuel free of cost to all buyers. 

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