Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Arch Rivals Compared

On this week’s edition of DubiCompare, we are pitting the two most iconic Japanese SUVs against each other, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and the Nissan Patrol. This is a serious battle of titans of the SUV world and we are not messing around. This comparison article looks at the dimensions, design, features and mechanicals of the current-generation Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol. We will also look at some of the spin-off series that these two SUVs have spawned over the years.

But what this article will not be is a trip down memory lane. For that, we have two detailed articles discussing the history of the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol features under the DubiCars Car Spotlight. Here are the links:

Enjoy the walk down the history lane, it is worth it. Now back to the ultimate face-off.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Dimensions

DimensionsToyota Land Cruiser 300Nissan Patrol
Ground Clearance235mm273mm
Boot Space621 Litres550 Litres
Fuel Tank Capacity110 Litres140 Litres
Towing Capacity3,500kg3,500kg

In terms of dimension, the Nissan Patrol is a clear winner with a longer wheelbase, taller ground clearance and a larger fuel tank. This means the Patrol is more practical and can go over larger boulders. However, the boot space on the LC is a bit bigger.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Exterior Design

In terms of design, the Land Cruiser 300 and the Nissan Patrol are evenly matched. Both have subtle boxy styling. The straight-up stance provides an imposing road presence for both SUVs. However, Nissan and Toyota do offer a sporty version of both SUVs called the Patrol Nismo and Land Cruiser 300 GR-Sport.

Out of the two sporty versions, the Nismo is a better pick compared to the GR-Sport as Nissan has given it more power, bigger wheels and some striking-looking bumpers. While the GR-Sport gets smaller 18-inch wheels catering to off-road credentials. Now let’s see some exterior feature comparison.

FeaturesLand Cruiser 300Patrol
LightsLEDLED (Only Low Beam)
Standard Wheels20-inch20-inch
Sport Version Wheels18-inch22-inch
Headlamp WashersYes No
Body CladdingYesYes
Electric TailgateYesYes

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Interiors & Features

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – the Japanese have taken this theory a bit too seriously. The LC and the Patrol have subtle interiors with a good amount of tech. But given the real estate on the inside, both SUVs could do with a couple of more features. However, the biggest advantage of the Nissan Patrol is its eight-seat configuration over the seven-seat layout of the LC 300. Also, as we saw earlier, it has more room on the inside because of a longer wheelbase.

There is no denying the fact that the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has a longer list of features catering to comfort and convenience than the Nissan Patrol.

FeaturesToyota Land Cruiser 300Nissan Patrol
Instrument Cluster7-inch TFT Screen7-inch TFT Screen
Infotainment12.3-inch TFT Screen12.3-inch TFT Screen
Android AutoYesYes
Apple CarplayYesYes
Wireless ChargerYesYes
Climate ControlFour-ZoneThree-Zone
Powered SeatsFront & RearFront
Ventilated SeatsFront & RearFront
Single-Pane SunroofYesYes
Rear Seat Displays11-inch Screen10.1-inch Screen
3rd Row SeatsPower FoldingPower Folding
Head-Up DisplayYesNo
Audio System14-Speaker JBL13-Speaker Bose

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Engine & Performance

Now this is where things get interesting. The Nissan Patrol is offered with two naturally-aspirated petrol engine options: a 4.0-litre V6 or a 5.6-litre V8. On the other hand, Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in the UAE is offered with either a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 or a 4.0-litre NA V6. We will compare the power figures of base-spec and top-spec powerplants.

Engines4.0-Litre V6 (LC)4.0-Litre V6 (Patrol)
Max Power271hp275hp
Peak Torque385Nm395Nm
land cruiser vs nissan patrol
Engines3.5-Litre V6 (LC)5.6-Litre V8 (Patrol)
Max Power409hp400hp
Peak Torque650Nm560Nm
Sport-Version Power409hp428hp
Acceleration6.7 Seconds6.5 seconds

The base-spec Nissan Patrol engine is marginally better than the LC. However, the top-spec engine will have to go to the LC because the power is delivered efficiently as compared to the large NA V8 on the Patrol. Soon, Nissan will be replacing the V8 engine with the twin-turbo V6 much like the LC.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Off-Road

StatsLand Cruiser 300Patrol
Approach Angle32 Degrees28 Degrees
Departure Angle25 Degrees26.2 Degrees
Breakover Angle26 Degrees24.4 Degrees
Ground Clearance235mm273mm
Water Wading Depth700mm700mm
Terrain ModesYesYes
Limited-Slip DiffYesYes
Locking DiffFront & RearRear

To keep it fair, we have compared the top-spec trims of both SUVs to get the right idea of their off-road capabilities. The Nissan Patrol might have better off-road angles, but it is heavier and has a longer wheelbase than the Toyota Land Cruiser. So, we feel both are evenly matched when things go rough and hilly. However, the Patrol’s edge here is its NA V8 engine on the top-spec trim that delivers power without any lag. In terms of off-road hardware, the LC 300 and the Patrol come equipped with a limited-slip differential, locking diffs, a low-range gearbox and terrain modes. Both SUVs also have their own electronic suspension setup that keeps the car upright and stable.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Safety

The Land Cruiser 300 and the Patrol come with a host of active and passive safety features. However, as the LC is relatively new in the market as compared to the Patrol, it is slightly better equipped with active safety features as compared to the Nissan Patrol.

Safety FeaturesLand Cruiser 300Patrol
Traction ControlYesYes
ISOFIX AnchorsYesYes
360-degree CameraYesYes
Off-road MonitorYesYes
land cruiser vs nissan patrol

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Spin-Offs

Nissan and Toyota recognised that off-road purists would want their cars to be about driving and not become a tech-fest. This encouraged both manufacturers to keep the rugged no non-sense versions of their SUVs. The Nissan Patrol has the Super Safari and the Land Cruiser has the 70-Series which are moderately equipped and are better off-roaders with a rugged styling.

Toyota has gone further by offering a mid-spec version of the Land Cruiser called the Prado or the LC 250. Also, Toyota has recently updated its Land Cruiser 300, Land Cruiser 250/Prado and the 70-Series SUVs. However, Nissan is lagging in updating its SUV range.

land cruiser vs nissan patrol

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Vs Nissan Patrol: Price, Colour & Variants

Toyota offers the Land Cruiser 300 in seven variants and six colour options depending on the variant.

  • 4.0L EXR: AED 238,900
  • 4.0L GXR: AED 269,900
  • 4.0L VXR: AED 308,900
  • 3.5L EXR: AED 307,900
  • 3.5L GXR: AED 329,900
  • 3.5L VXR: AED 377,900
  • GR-Sport: AED 412,900
land cruiser vs nissan patrol

On the other hand, the Nissan Patrol is offered in 9 variants and six colour options depending on the variant.

  • 4.0L SE T1: AED 210,000
  • 4.0L SE T2: AED 233,500
  • 4.0L SE Titanium: AED 260,500
  • 4.0L SE Platinum: AED 286,500
  • 5.6L LE T1: AED 240,000
  • 5.6L LE T2: AED 290,000
  • 5.6L LE Titanium: AED 318,000
  • 5.6L LE Platinum: AED 347,000
  • Nismo: AED 398,000

Both the base and the top-spec Patrol are more affordable than the Land Cruiser 300. If you are looking for a performance for an affordable price, the Nissan Patrol would be your pick. But as an overall package, the Land Cruiser 300 is a better choice because of its efficiency and interior features.

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