Five Essential Tips To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Electric Car

Electric cars have gained immense popularity due to their eco-friendliness and efficiency. However, there is one common concern among electric vehicle owners which is the vehicle’s battery life. Electric car batteries degrade over time, impacting both the vehicle’s range and overall performance. To ensure you get the most out of your electric car’s battery, follow these 5 essential tips:

Regular Charging Habits

Avoid frequently charging your electric car to 100%. Instead, keep the battery level between 20% and 80% for everyday use. Occasional full charges are fine but try not to make it a routine. Regularly deep-discharging your battery to very low levels can also strain its lifespan. Aim to keep the state of charge above 20% to prevent excessive wear.

Avoid Fast Charging 

Opt for slower charging when possible. Fast charging generates more heat and can accelerate battery wear. If time allows, use standard chargers for routine top-ups. When fast charging is necessary, choose chargers that are specifically compatible with your vehicle. These chargers are designed to communicate effectively with your car’s battery management system, minimizing stress on the battery. 

Weather Conditions

Extreme Hot and Cold temperatures can significantly impact battery performance. 

Effects of Cold Weather:

In cold weather, the chemical reactions within the battery cells slow down, leading to a decrease in the battery’s capacity. This reduction in capacity translates to a shorter driving range on a single charge.

Effects of Hot Weather:

Hot weather can also have adverse effects on electric car batteries. High temperatures can cause chemical reactions within the battery to occur more quickly, leading to faster degradation of the battery cells. This degradation can reduce the battery’s overall capacity and lifespan.

Battery Management Systems (BMS):

To mitigate the effects of weather on electric car battery life, manufacturers often incorporate advanced battery management systems and thermal management systems in their vehicles. These systems help regulate battery temperature, optimise charging and discharging, and ensure the battery operates within safe temperature ranges. Also, try parking your electric car in a garage or shaded area during hot weather to prevent prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

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Driving Habits For An Electric Car

Optimal usage of the battery’s range is essential and there are several ways to ensure this.

Regenerative Braking:

Take advantage of regenerative braking, a feature present in most electric vehicles. It converts kinetic energy back into stored energy, extending battery life by reducing wear during conventional braking.


Maintain Moderate Speeds: 

High-speed driving consumes more energy and puts additional strain on the battery. Driving at moderate speeds not only enhances safety but also extends battery range and lifespan.

Plan Efficient Routes: 

Use GPS systems that consider charging station locations and help plan efficient routes. This reduces the risk of running out of battery and resorting to emergency fast charging.

EV Car Maintenance

Familiarize yourself with your EV’s owner’s manual. It contains valuable information on maintenance intervals, recommended fluids, and more. Several components play a crucial part in maintaining your electric car’s range. This includes:

Tyre: Underinflated tyres can reduce your EV’s range. Rotate and balance the tyres as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure even wear. Want to know when to change your car tyres? Here is a complete guide on changing your car’s tyres

Brakes: EVs often use regenerative braking, which helps extend brake pad life. However, the brake fluid still needs periodic top-up or replacement.

Air-Conditioning: Ensure the cabin air filter is clean for efficient heating and cooling inside the cabin. This is also essential for battery health and overall comfort.

Software Updates: EV manufacturers often release software updates that enhance performance, address bugs, and improve battery management. Keep an eye out for these updates and have them installed at your service centre.

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