GIMS Qatar 2023: Afghanistan-Made Entop Simurgh World Premiere At Geneva International Motor Show Qatar

Among all the interesting unveils and reveals at the GIMS Qatar 2023, there was one car that caught all the attention despite being in its concept form. The Afghanistan-made Entop Simurgh previously named Mada9 had its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2023 in Qatar.

Entop Simurgh

The Kabul-based company, Entop in association with Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) has manufactured a supercar called the Simurgh. The indigenous supercar was given a new name from its previously called Mada9 for its world premiere. The name Simurgh is inspired by the huge ancient bird of Persian legend.

Speaking to the team at the motor show, we were also told that the 30 engineers worked on the car relentlessly to make the supercar. The design of the car is inspired by a warrior wearing a helmet when you look at the car right from the centre. We were also informed that the supercar’s design is almost final and will be fine-tuned in its production form.

Coming to what is under the bonnet, the show car had a petrol engine sourced from the Toyota Corolla. However, this is not the final engine that will be powering the Simurgh. The company plans to put a twin-turbo V8 engine and is currently working with a German racecar developer to source the powertrain. Once the supercar is ready, the Entop team will be taking the Simurgh supercar and enter the 24-hour LeMans.

As for the other details such as features, gearbox and other mechanicals, these are yet to be finalized by Entop. The show car displayed at the motor show didn’t have interiors fitted to it and donned a black paint scheme that made it look like Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile.

Entop got crowdfunded by over 45,000 people to raise $130,000 to bring the Simurgh to the motor show. The brand is confident that they will be able to raise more money to see the supercar into production and finally onto the LeMans racetrack. In the evolving era of electric supercars, Entop decided to take the old-school route to develop an ICE-powered car to mark its entry into the automotive world.

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