How to get a vehicle tested in the UAE

Are selling your car? Did you know that before you can sell it, the vehicle must be tested? Dubicars is here to help with information and a guide on “How to get a vehicle tested in the UAE.” Without a test certificate, a vehicle can’t be purchased or sold.

All vehicles two years or older must be tested every year before registration, being sold or bought. New vehicles or vehicles that are less than two years old do not have to be tested unless they are purchased from an unauthorised vehicle agent in the UAE.

If you’re are buying a vehicle that is less than two years old and is used (100+ km on the odometer), the vehicle will have to be tested before buying/selling.

The RTA or Registration Authority won’t necessarily remind you that the vehicle has to be tested after 12 months. However, the Registration Authority in your respected Emirate will send you a reminder (usually a few days in advanced) that your vehicle needs to be re-registered via SMS.

Vehicle testing has to be done when buying and selling a car and when re-registering.   

Where to go to get a vehicle tested

Testing facilities can be found all over the Emirates with the most notable ones being ENOC Tasjeel, Emarat Shamil and Tamam. There are others that are registered with the Authorities. Most if not all are located right next to a registration centre across the UAE.

Testing a light motor vehicle costs AED 120 via the RTA, AED 170 via Shamil (only in Dubai, Northern Emirates it’s AED 150). Tasjeel in Sharjah charge AED 100 for an inspection.

What do they check

Technical inspections cover the following:

  • Brake system
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Lighting equipment
  • Suspension
  • Axles
  • Wheels
  • Tyres (If the tyres are two years or older, its an immediate fail)
  • Visibility (Includes the windshield, cracked ones will result in an immediate fail)
  • Bodywork and frame
  • Engine
  • Gearbox

After the inspector has given the all clear, you will be given a test result certificate which s mandatory for selling a vehicle. They are valid for 30 Days.

There is also the standard knowledge/innovation AED 20 fee.

You can’t have a vehicle tested in another Emirate to which it is registered. For example, if the vehicle is registered in Dubai, it can’t be tested in Sharjah.

What to do if the vehicle fails the inspection

If the inspector finds a fault with any of the previously mentioned items, the vehicle will automatically fail the inspection and can’t be registered in the UAE even if it is an oil leak until fixed.

Once fixed, you will have to re-test the vehicle, with the previous inspection report, a re-test will cost AED 50.

Shamil offers a free retest in the Northern Emirates up to 15 days, after that its the standard AED 50.

Vehicles with chassis damage or have been in a major accident can’t be registered in the UAE.

VIP Services

ENOC offers a VIP service where they will collect the car, have it tested and returned to you for AED 150. Only available at select locations (Al Quasis, Al Warsan, JAFZA, Al Barsha and Sharjah).

Shamil offers a VIP service too which costs AED 200.

Operating hours for Vehicle Test Centres

Working hours vary with most usually open from 9 am to 6 pm. A handful of test centres are open 24 hours a day including the Al Quasis branch.

During public holidays, timings can change.

What documents are required

  • Emirates ID (original)
  • Vehicle registration card/mulkiya (original)
  • Transfer certificate (only applicable if the vehicle is from another Emirate)

Are there any requirements for the vehicle?

When taking your vehicle for an inspection, do the following before you head to the inspection centre:

  • Clean the vehicle
  • Clean the license plates
  • Remove any underside cover (if applicable)
  • The vehicle must be free of all advertisement or stickers unless approved.
  • A warning triangle (safety triangle), spare tyre (must be inflated and usable) and a fire extinguisher (depends on your vehicle category). All must be visible and accessible.

Note: If any of the three items are not present during the inspection, this can result in a failed test even if the car is in perfect condition.

How to get your vehicle tested in the UAE

No matter the Emirate or the facility, the procedure is identical.

Once you’ve reached the testing centre, you’ll have to wait your turn as some centres can be quite busy. Don’t honk or get mad at the person in front of you if they haven’t moved forward.

Once you’re the next vehicle in line, submit the documents required (Emirates ID and Vehicle Registration Card) and the vehicle keys at the check-in desk.

As the test bay is cleared, the inspector will move your vehicle into the bay and begin the test. All centres have two strict rules, 1) Do not enter the bay 2) Do not talk to the inspector.

The test should take around 30 minutes, and once it’s completed, you’ll receive a test result certificate.

Now that’s all been cleared up; you’ll need a vehicle to test. Choose from 10,000 new and used cars for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman on Dubicars.


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am buying a used car from dubai and my visa from Umm al Quwain . So i need to get transfer of ownership from seller and i need to register in umm al quwain . Can u tell me , is it possible to do the passing in dubai and tht cerificate is valid in umm al quwain? . Because my seller doesnt like to come there in umm al quwain . Kindly clarify my doubts.

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author October 13, 2020 at 11:18 am

      Hi Ajesh, if the same testing branch name is there, there should be no problem. But with the seller not wanting to come to you, that doesn’t seem fair.

  2. My vehicle is Dubai registered. I stay in Abu Dhabi. Is it possible to do the vehicle inspection from Abu Dhabi and complete the vehicle registration renewal?

  3. Hi, my car is Abu Dhabi plate and I live in Dubai, is there any specific testing station I need to go to or any testing in Dubai is accepted in Abu Dhabi? thanks

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author September 19, 2020 at 6:15 pm

      Hi Anas, from what we’ve heard, as long as that company operates in the Emirate, the passing paper should work. For example, if you test in tasjeel Dubai, the paper is permitted in Sharjah.

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    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author March 17, 2020 at 10:50 am

      It should be ok but check beforehand.

      Edit: We just spoke to the Customer Happiness Centre in Sharjah, Dubai passing paper is accepted in Sharjah.

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