Improve gas mileage of your car

improve gas mileage of your car

Gas is a precious resource and nobody understands that better than drivers. That’s going to be the case atleast until technology perfects electric cars that run as fast and well as today’s combustion engines. And let’s be honest, that’s just around the corner.

Until that time comes we will have to continue heading to the pump time and time again. Fuel is a truly essential resource for life in the modern world. Since none of us are made out of an unlimited supply of money, it never hurts to try and find a few ways to pinch pennies when it comes to fueling the tank.

Here are ten excellent tips to help you improve gas mileage of your car.

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1. Tyre Pressure

Car tyres need to be constantly monitored as their air pressure keeps dropping which may result in under inflated tyres. Under inflated tyres are not only dangerous to drive with, but also use up a lot more fuel than required. On average, underinflated tyres consume 25% more fuel. Always keep your tyres’ air pressure at the suggested PSI as per your cars manual.

If you are unsure of the exact number or you don’t have access to the manual, check the drivers side door panel.

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2. Turn off AC

It goes without saying that you should keep your car AC off during winters to lessen pressure on the engine and save on fuel. Even though the Middle East region has long summers and the AC has to be switched on most of the times, you can avoid using it when you are driving intermittently in traffic. You should also keep your car’s windows closed, as keeping the windows down also affects the aerodynamics of the car resulting in more fuel consumption.

Probably not the best idea to do in the UAE during the summer. 

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3. Travel Light

Excessive weight in the car is the major reason for high fuel consumption, so consider it seriously; the lighter your car’s weight is, the more mileage you gain. Carry only the basic necessities in your car and avoid placing any heavy loads in the boot as 45 kg of extra weight increases fuel consumption by 1-2%. 

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4. Avoid Rush-hours

Halting at traffic congestions and stop and go driving during rush hours put a great strain on the engine, thereby devouring a sizeable amount of gas. Hence, it is preferable to travel using a route where you are less likely to encounter traffic or to travel at a time when the roads are clear. Moreover, if you can put up with the honking of cars behind you. 

Sorry in advanced for those who live in in Sharjah.

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5. Drive at a moderate speed

In order to enhance your car’s fuel efficiency, it’s best to drive at a constant speed without any sudden braking or rapid acceleration. It is better for the car to gain speed gradually rather than abrupt acceleration and braking. On the highway, it’s wise to use cruise control; it helps keep the car at a steady speed without any irregularities.

According to sources, the “sweet spot” is between 50 km/h and 80 km/h.

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6. Engine’s maintenance to Improve Gas Mileage of Your Car

The engine is the powerhouse of your car; the better you maintain it, the more fuel-efficient it becomes. Therefore, ensure that the car’s engine is in good shape and regularly maintained. Moreover, check on the engine’s air filter. An unclean filter will result in lower fuel efficiency.

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7. Save on extra trips

When you have more than one errand to do with the car, make sure you finish them in one go instead of driving back and forth. For instance, when you go to pick up your children from school, you could also get the groceries from the store on your way home rather than making a second trip later.

Avoid driving to places that are within walking distance. Instead, take up walking as a way to stay fit while considerably saving on your fuel budget. You should also consider carpooling or using the public transport whenever possible.

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8. Keep distance

Always keep your car at a safe distance from the car ahead and avoid sudden braking or accelerating. Maintaining a safe distance also helps you gain better visibility and make timely decisions in case there is a collision ahead of you.

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9. Car repair and maintenance

It’s a no brainer that your car will consume more fuel if it’s not in good condition and in need of repairs. Showing negligence in car maintenance can cost you a lot in later stages and reduce gas mileage up to 20 per cent. Make sure your car is maintained on a regular basis.

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10. Get a fuel efficient car

In case you are planning to get rid of your old car and are exploring the market for a new one your best option lies in opting for a vehicle with a smaller engine. Getting a car which is fuel-efficient as well as meets your standard requirements is an ideal way to keep yourself within your budget. You can buy a hybrid such as Toyota Prius or even an electric car.

There you have it; a few practical ways to improve gas mileage of your car! 

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