Indicate! It could save your life and your bank account

No matter where you learn to drive in the world, one crucial part of the test is using indicators. If you don’t use them during the test, you fail immediately.

This seems to be forgotten as per recent surveys with some outlets stating 47% of road users don’t indicate at all.

Failing to use indicators in Dubai will result in an AED 400 fine.

Don’t think that you live or drive in other Emirates you can get away with not indicating. In Abu Dhabi, police will hand anyone not using indicators a fine of AED 200 and three black points.

In Ajman, motorists can face a fine of up to AED 1,000 for suddenly deviating on the road.

RoadSafetyUAE conducted a survey earlier this year and witnessed over 5,000 manoeuvres between February and June 2019. 47% of the manoeuvres spotted, drivers do not use indicators.

Behind the Wheel also conducted their own survey with similar results.

Safety for you, your passengers and other road users

  • Make a habit of using your indicators no matter where you are
  • Use the indicators before you make the manoeuvre to ensure other road users know what to expect
  • Before you move left or right, always check your mirrors and blind spots
  • When others are indicating, be polite and allow them to complete their manoeuver. Don’t do anything aggressive with them

When should you use the indicators?

  • When changing lanes (even on smaller roads)
  • Taking a turn
  • Entering or exiting highways
  • Exiting a roundabout
  • Pulling out of a parking space

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