It’s Time To Raise Standards. Time For Change.

The automotive industry is at a turning point and together we need to push the industry into digitalisation. But first, we need to take care of the basics.

We know consumer trust is paramount, and right now, as an industry, we’re struggling. The current environment isn’t sustainable. An environment where competitors are busy sharing false information, rather than focusing on innovation. This doesn’t benefit the industry and doesn’t lay the groundwork for a successful long term business.

The future of the marketplace is a digital one and there’s space to provide customers honesty and transparency while improving sales with efficient tech, and if our competition were more innovative, rather than personal, the entire ecosystem would benefit.

So, here at Dubi Cars, we want to take you on this journey of raising standards and doing better. 

It’s Time To Change

Your success is our business, and those principles are the foundations of Dubi Cars. We’re fiercely proud of the values we deliver, from best practice services across the board, the data and insights we provide and the new look, campaign and products we are rolling out. 

So stay tuned, we have so many exciting things planned for the rest of the year to ensure we raise the bar across the industry. The Dubi team have already been out in the market, sharing some love with our dealers, and we’re excited to get everyone on board on our mission for change. 

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