Linda Cars Opens New Showroom In Al Quoz; Increases Used Car Capacity

Linda Cars recently opened its second showroom in the UAE. Located in Al Quoz, the new showroom is an expansion from the first location in Barsha, Dubai. The new Al Quoz branch has allowed Linda Cars to have a total capacity to handle and display over 200 cars at the moment with an opportunity to scale up to 300+ cars in the near future.

The UAE has one of the most lucrative used car markets in the world. In 2021, the used car market in the UAE was valued at $20.03 billion (AED 73.55 billion). By 2027, the market is expected to grow in value to $32.07 billion (AED 117.76 billion). If the numbers weren’t convincing enough, the used car market in the UAE is one with immense variety. There are buyers for entry-level cars as well as high-end and luxury cars.

Linda Cars Al Quoz

In such a versatile market, used car dealerships like Linda Cars play a huge role. Linda Cars offers everything from entry-level Japanese sedans to the super-premium and luxurious SUVs from Britain. The lowest-priced car sold by Linda cars was in the range of around AED 40,000 while the highest-valued car yet was in the range of AED 1.5 million. 

Linda Cars was established in 2018 as a family-run business with just 3-4 members on its rolls and about 10 cars on display. After around five years of operating in the UAE and selling over 2,000 cars, Linda Cars now has around 30 employees and over 200 cars in stock.

Linda Cars

Linda Cars’ first dealership is located in Barsha Heights, with the cars being displayed in the parking lot of a tower. Upon experiencing significant growth over the last four years, it was time to expand to a much larger facility with proper display areas. This is exactly why the Al Quoz branch is of utmost importance to Linda Cars.

At the Al Quoz Branch, over 20 cars can be displayed outdoors in front of the showroom. The sitting area inside the showroom is lavish and well-equipped to handle walk-ins. Behind the showroom is the large warehouse-style display area with a variety of cars inside it.

Linda Cars

As aforementioned, Linda Cars caters to buyers of both high-end and more affordable cars. Most of the cars in stock are usually under 8-years-old. Some of the popular brands at Linda Cars include Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, and more.

The car buying experience at Linda Cars is among the best in Dubai. Buyers get a free test drive and Linda Cars sales personnel work closely with each buyer to understand their needs before selling the car to them. Linda Cars also includes post-sale and pre-delivery checks on every car. There’s also a 10,000-kilometre repair warranty on offer.

If you’re looking at purchasing a used car in the UAE, here are almost 250 used cars for sale in the UAE from Linda Cars.

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